Where In These Tokyo Arcades Is Brian Crecente?

There are loads of video game arcades in Tokyo, but there is only one Brian Crecente. We think. Maybe there are two, maybe there are three. Who knows. In this gallery of arcade pics, can you find him?

Bonus points for those able to i.d. the arcades.


    The only one i know is the obvious one, Club Sega just up from the Akhiabara JR station

    Those UFO catchers that have prizes other than Plushies are the best. Last yeah in Akihabara I cleaned 9 Haruhi figures worth out of a machine, but was subsequently kicked out for doing so.

    hmmmmmmm most of them look like they're from Club Sega. One of the biggest one is in Akihabara so probably these pics are from there?
    Ikebukuro is probably the best for fighting games though.

    He's behind the camera. What do I win?

    I always found it odd that a SEGA arcade would have NAMCO games.. lol

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