Who Is This PS3 Slim Shopper? Who?

Yesterday was the PS3 Slim launch in Japan. It was a rather low key launch. It was so low key that it's possible to spot the same guy over and over again.

Time to play where's flannel shirt man.

Here on Famitsu.com.

And on Game Watch Impress.

And Dengeki Online.

So this same guy appears in photos not only on Japanese site Game Watch Impress, but in photos on Dengeki Online and Famitsu.com — all of which are totally separate companies.

The flannel shirt man was actually the fifth person in line at the event as spotted by Kotaku Japan. And when it was time to play Gundam on the big screen, guess who it was...

This photo appeared on Japanese site Game Watch Impress.

In Japanese the word "sakura" can mean a hired shill. It's not uncommon to see long lines in front of stores and restaurants. Long lines mean that something is popular. But sometimes those waiting in line are paid phonies.

McDonald's Japan saw long lines when it launched the Quarter Pounder in Osaka. Too bad McDonald's paid one thousand people to queue up for the tasty burger.

This guy could just be a huge PS3 fan. That's entirely possible. And why Kotaku Japan just happened to see him there, Famitsu, Dengeki Online and Game Watch could have happened to see him there as well. And then asked him to post for photos.

There are those on the Japanese saying this flannel shirt man is either a paid shill or a Sony employee. That or just some lucky dude with a new PS3 Slim. Enjoy that flannel shirt man!

新型PS3、本日発売! 秋葉原ではPS3用ソフト『ガンダム戦記』の発売イベントも [Dengeki Online] SCEJ、新型プレイステーション 3発売 -GAME Watch [Game Watch] 「年末商戦は今日から始まる!」−−新型プレイステーション3発売記念イベント開催 [Famitsu via オレ的ゲーム]


    Stalking young unsuspecting Japanese gamers hey Kotaku? tsk tsk tsk

    He's probably just been been hired by a marketing firm, on behalf of the Sony account. Stand in line, talk up the product, enthuse for the cameras, happy customer, etc.

    Umm - well, if the launch was soo low key - of COURSE multiple media agencies are going to take photos of the same people at the launch. Not seeing the point to all this....if they were going to hire shills - wouldn't they hire more than one - cos you know Sony need all the publicity they can get these days.

    Could it be that some Asians look the same? (And where the same clothes)

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