Who Won That Dissidia PSP Bundle?

Who Won That Dissidia PSP Bundle?

Last week we were giving away copies of Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PSP. And one Dissidia PSP bundle, too. We wanted to see your Final Fantasy hair.

Because, as you know, Final Fantasy characters have the most ridiculous hair. It was clearly a challenging competition for some of you, with much gnashing of teeth in the comp comments regarding your lack of hair.

But to me, a lack of hair merely represented a lack of imagination.

Anyway, let’s find out who won. But first, the three runners-up, each of whom will take home a copy of Dissidia: Final Fantasy on PSP, plus a neat double-sided poster, thanks to Aussie distributor Ubisoft.

First runner-up is Aaron K, who nails the hair and gets props for his, er… prop.


Second runner-up is Anthony H, or more accurately, Anthony H’s adorable daughter.


Third runner-up is Tomasz S, provider of the only entry to actually make me laugh. (I dunno why so few of you thought to do this.)


And finally, our winner…

Jasmine C, clearly fresh from a cosplay convention, absolutely ran away with the major prize thanks to this stunning pair of shots. She wins the Dissidia PSP console bundle. Awesome work, Jasmine!


Cheers to everyone who entered, and the usual congratulations/commiserations to the winners/everyone else. Winners, expect an email from me later today to arrange delivery of your prizes.


  • Woo! Runners up! I would rather get the game and the poster. =D

    Congrats to the others as well, especially to Jasmine. Her hair stuns me, it’s so fricken awesome!

    I like to say thanks to Kotaku, Ubisoft and my friend that helped me with the props.

  • oh WOW! I’m so excited!!! is this for real????
    But its thanks to my friend van, who told me about the competition and to my sisters who helped me take the photos and of course…LOVE KOTAKU!! (lol clearly her first time winning anything)

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    This is SO cool, thanks heaps David 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Congrats Jasmine, that photo’s absolutely kickass, and happy birthday Aaron, hope you enjoy your present; I know I will 🙂

    • Thanks, congrats to you guys!! u had awesome entries as well! im glad i got the psp cuz i dont have one X3

      i’ve never done guy hair before so its messy, and i sacrificed studying for a mid sem test for it kaka~

      and yes, happy birthday aaron!

    • Oh, and a quick question to David or anyone else that may know; how long would the delivery probably take? A few days or a few weeks?

      • Thanks guys. I know this would be a good week for me. =]
        We’ll certainly enjoy our presents. lol

        I didn’t mind that I didn’t win the PSP, I already got 2. =3

        Delivery should take about a few days to a week or 2.

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