Wii Fit Plus Dated For Australia

Wii Fit Plus Dated For Australia

wii fit lifestyle 090929Nintendo announced today that Wii Fit Plus will launch in Australia on October 15.

Wii Fit Plus is the follow-up to the hugely successful Wii Fit, which has sold over 700,000 copies in Australia to date. (Plus 15,000 in New Zealand, the press release adds. Aww, bless you, New Zealand!)

New stuff includes include the option to customise and design your own work out, additional exercises, estimates of calories burned, 15 new balance games, and an option to weigh your baby and even your cat and dog. Not sure if there are separate work outs for your pets.

You can buy the full bundle, which comes with everything from the original Wii Fit, all the new stuff from Wii Fit Plus, and the required balance board, for $159.95. Alternatively, if you already own Wii Fit, you can pick up the Wii Fit Plus standalone disc for $29.95.


  • So essentially all the stuff that SHOULD have been in the first version.. I dont like the way Nintendo do this…

    Sigh – looks like this and normal Wii Fit will sit atop the charts for the next 90 years…

    • Should they really be classified as games?

      I’d say that they shoulnd’t be, just so we can have something different on the Top 10 Games list.

  • I really don’t get this “it should have been been done in the first place” idea. It’s like people can look years ahead in the future! Or that things such as the development the actual Wii Balance Board was not the focus when it first came out!

    This is also the same for MotionPlus, something I hear many gamers whine about. “It should have been there in the first place!”

    Well sorry, but there’s something called the cost factor here, and I’m pretty sure that Nintendo would have put it in if they could. Technology does not remain stagnant, and if in theory such technology did come along with the Wii two years ago not only would the console cost far more, taking away its competitive advantage from the 360, it just would not in be in its same compact form. Design is important people; no one wants a huge ass Wiimote to hold in their hands even if it gives pinpoint accuracy.

    This logic applies to every god damn sequel that comes out, take Assassins Creed 2 for example. Although improvements such as multi-button combat and a free flowing story are things sure to be seen shouldn’t we be asking ourselves; ‘why weren’t such improvements there in the first place?’ It’s simply because games developers are human like us, and will never create the perfect, sequel-less game that we expect. Gamers are just being unrealistic and spoilt if they think otherwise.

    • No, one of the features of Wii Fit Plus should have been in the first game

      Why was there no workout mode, where you can make your own workout? That was a HUGE omittion.

      Why make a fitness game and the forget to include the one thing that would make it a practical device?

      • Perhaps as I’ve said before is that developers were probably more focussed in getting the actual Balance Board right. Like Wii Sports, it was in many ways a tech demo designed to show of its capabilities.

        And does having a workout mode as an option really important in making Wii Fit a ‘practical device’? To be honest I’ve only played Wii Fit for only a couple of hours since its not my type of game. However, with whatever little time I had with it it felt to me that the purpose of Wii Fit was to train the player’s sense of balance as well as stretching and muscle exercises, not just a physical workout, and the options they offered for that purpose seemed rather adequate.

  • I thought the original was great so I am pleased to see this evolutional change. And the price is fairly sharp.
    Thanks Nintendo

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