Wii Fit Plus Will Be Out On October 4

Speaking at the GameStop Manager's Conference in Las Vegas tonight, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed the North American launch details and pricing for Wii Fit Plus.

The bundle—which is the Wii Balance Board and a copy of Wii Fit Plus—will retail for $US100. Those who already have the Balance Board can opt for just Wii Fit Plus on a standalone disc, which is only $US20. Both those will be out on October 4.

Kotaku AU Note: Nintendo has yet to date Wii Fit Plus for Australia, but in July they did confirm it would launch "around October."


    From my understanding, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of new stuff.

    My vast knowledge of spanish may be letting me down here, but all the pictures, beside I think perhaps one on the side, look like games already in wii fit... I can see it says in spanish in the green bit "CUSTOM ROUTINES!".. um woopedoo?

    $20 US? Wow, Nintendo could have charged $59.99 and made an absolute killing but actually do something for consumers for once! I'm in shock

    I FULLY expect the standalone product here to be $80 at least, cause well you know we are under European bs regimes.

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