Wii Internet Channel Is Free, Free, Free

Nintendo has announced that starting today the Opera-powered Wii Internet Channel is available free of charge.

That's right, surf the internet, watch online TV, buy stuff all via your Nintendo. All you need is an internet connection.

Until now, the browser has cost users 500 Wii Points (US$5) since it was released. To compensate, Nintendo is offering those who already have the channel a NES, Super Nintendo NES and Nintendo 64 Virtual Console game. Offer ends in late October. Life goes on.



    Hmm... but what about those who've had it since launch, when it was free? Is Nintendo silly enough to give us a free game?

    i payed for this -.-'

    Yeah, I got mine at launch when it was normally free, updates to it have all been free also.

    Oh wow, so we get a free VC game? That's sweet! Wonder what I should get...

    I thought it was always free...

    Thats nice of nintendo to give a free VC game for people who purchased it.

    I got mine free when it first came out, maybe ill be lucky and given a free VC game :P

    Super Metroid it is I guess!

    noo you only get the free game if you spent wii points to get the channel. if you got it for free before it became a buyable item then theres nothing to be refunded thus no game for you.

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