Wii Internet Is Free In Australia, Too

Wii Internet Is Free In Australia, Too
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As we reported late last night, the Wii Internet Channel is now free to download. Nintendo Australia has just confirmed it’s free here, too. But there’s a couple of things different.

So yes, what was previously a 500-point download is now totally free.

But what if you paid already? In the US, you are able to download a 500-point Virtual Console game from the NES, SNES or N64 library. In Australia, you’re limited to a 500-point Virtual Console game from the NES library. (Indeed, I don’t think there are any 500-point SNES or N64 games.)

Also, in the US you have until the end of October to get your VC title. In Australia, the offer doesn’t start until late October and then runs to the end of December. Which is kinda weird, but hey at least we get the deal at all.


  • Super Nintendo titles on the Virtual Console start at 800 points and Nintendo 64 titles start at 1000 so yeah, there aren’t any titles you could get for 500 points from those system. It’s still kind of nice to get a NES game out of it if you already got the channel though.

    I got the Internet Channel for free anyway back when it was in beta so none of it really matters to me. Unless of course I can still get away with claiming a free game… Maybe have to check that out.

  • So wait…the US have 500 point SNES and N64 games? So what you’re essentially saying is that we get gypped in AU$ to Wii Point rates *and* in the price of Virtual Console games?

    • Yeah no he isn’t saying that – the games are the same points all around the world

      NES, Master System – 500
      SNES, Megadrive – 600
      N64 – 1000

      NeoGeo games, T16 games I can’t remember off the top of my head. The real crime is still no C64 games, they are < 500 points I believe.

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