WIN! Order Of War PC Prize Packs

order of war screen 4Two down, three to go. Find out how you can win the new WWII RTS from Square Enix and also who's already won.

Order Of War was released in Australia yesterday, exclusively for PC. Somewhat oddly, it’s a Western-developed RTS being published by Japanese giant Square Enix. But developer has plenty of pedigree, as their name suggests.

It’s a gorgeous looking game set in WWII’s European theatre. You’ll play as the US marching towards Germany from the west and also as the Germans as they defend the Russian advance from the east. Apparently, the idea is to allow you to both make history and change it, too.

At least, I think I’ve read that in the marketing materials. Which gave me the idea for this comp.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got five prize packs to giveaway, one each day from Sept 16 to Sept 22 (skipping the weekend). To be eligible for each day’s draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day’s competition post.

Each prize pack contains: * A copy of Order Of War on PC * An Order Of War CD soundtrack * A limited edition Order Of War mouse pad

To enter, as I hinted at earlier, I want you to come up with a marketing tagline for Order Of War. We’ve done this type of comp before, so go and have a peek at the Madworld and The Conduit comps if you find yourself confused.

The daily winners will be the smartest, wittiest and creativiest taglines we see. Or just the ones we like the most.

Good luck!

So who won Thursday's draw? This guy did.

chuloopa and his delightfully silly tagline: "Order of War: I’ll have the sour kraut."

Congrats, 'loops, I'll be in touch next week once all five winners have been drawn.

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    HOLY MOSES!!! hahaha!!

    That's just made my day.
    Thank you so so much!

    Best of luck to all other entrants for today and the next couple of days.

    WAR - Now 100% Conscencious Objector Free

    Order Of War: Hitler wants seconds!

    Order of War: No matter who wins, everybody loses.

    Order Of War: Is that a V2 Rocket in your pocket (or are you just happy to see me?)

    (Continuing on my blatant disregard for competition rules, here's my 3rd installment!!)

    Order of War; Bratz Vs Barbies.
    OK, I'm sure this will be an expansion pack to the game, well, it should be cause I know that I have pondered the Bratz vs Barbies outcomes for some years.
    So, there you have barbie, tall, plastic, blonde, well shaped and stupid not exactly my idea of the perfect girl, but each to their own I guess. Barbies have been around forever, I remember undressing my sisters (disturbingly often) barbies to check out what was going on under the hood, no offence lego, but the lumps just were not there. Ok, so I modded their hair on one occasion, and my sister actually broke my nose over it, anyways, I digress. It was the knees that did it for me, I loved those bendy-clickity knees, the feel of them just rocked my socks. So, fast forward 20 years and BLAM, here come the Bratz, fricken coked up chin balling teen sluts with awesome hair and attiudes to match, I have a thing for Sasha and well Jade is a bit of alright too. (still reading David?)
    So, I'm like, WTF, why are their heads so damn big, and what the hell is with there whole god damned feet coming off in one part? Cheap ass companies unwilling to make proper shoes, more profits in a simple plastic mould, well f them I say, its just cheaping my whole fantasy, err I mean argument right there.
    Ok, so I was pretty impressed with the short skirts, and real removable undies, there's some fun there I'm sure with a macro lens and a low angle, anyhoo I digress.
    So, like, why cant barbie be more like bratz? Fill her out a little more, widen those hips a bit, give her undies and awesome hair, with removable shoes, combined with those awesome bendy knees and you'll be a rich man. Sure you may upset some mothering groups, but lets face it, its every girls dream to look like a slut these days, they may as well have a guide book in barbie/bratz.
    Anyways, imagine barbie, army helmet on, larger assets, removable army boots, ammo belt dangling at an unessasary angle across her hips charging towards a pack of nazi bratz. Removable undies flinging off as blood sprays about with glee abandon, removable feet scattered about the rubble, awesome slow-mo camera shots of dyed emo hair-do's flinging about in the breeze as Jade's head snaps back after taking one in her oversized head.... Yeah, your all thinking awesome, I know I am.
    So, yeah, Order of War, wait for the barbie vs bratz addon pack.

    (Once again, my grandpa would be disgusted with me, but I think winning a game is a good reward for what he went through, isn't it?)

      I feel so dirty having read all of that... no matter how much i wash, i know that dirt just won't go away...

        Cmon loopy, ya know you want it! Congrats on the win btw, your certainly on a role! Got ya psp yet?

        Now now, just because i said it disturbed me, doesn't mean i didn't like it. i can profess doing the same thing when young to my sisters barbies - i really did get a sick pleasure out of those cracking knee joints.
        Although i have always had a deep seeded hatred for skanky brats dolls.

        Also, yes i have received it. I underestimated how light it was compared to my psp1000. Thing damn near floats! I mean, it's awesome and all, but i can't bludgeon home invaders to death with a handheld anymore... Well.. unless i use my atari Lynx

    Order of War - Don't skip the entrée, the main will blow you away.

    Order of War: East and West meets Germany

    Order of War: Would you like Bullets with that?

    Order of War: Dammit, Germany, wtf is wrong with you...

    Order of War - Take a Ticket Please

    Order Of War: Adolf Hitler & Rick Soloman both conquered Paris and filmed the event. Only one makes a good strategy game (the other was too easy).

      love it!!!

      Only one was shot in night vision though as well :P

    Order of War: How many times do I have to tell you? It's WWI, THEN WW2, not the other way around.

    Order of War: The Garand Curtain is coming...

    Order of War : it's RAW spelt backwards

    Order of War: Rick Rollin' through Europe

    Order of War- Filling the under nourished WW2 void.

    Order of War: 300 Countries; No Spartans

    Order of War: The game is less generic than the name, honest!

    Order Of War: I'll have the Hitler Suprise!

    Order of War : Ill have mine bloody as hell with side of chip. NO SALAD!

    in honour of tomorrow:

    Order of War: W . A . Arrrr!

    Order of War: Do you want spies with that?

    Order of War: - War before W Bush

    Order of War:

    No Medal of Honor for the Call of Duty to the Battlefield

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