WIN! Order Of War PC Prize Packs

WIN! Order Of War PC Prize Packs

order of war screen 1Here’s your second last chance to win Order Of War on PC, plus its soundtrack and mouse pad. We also reveal the third of our winners.

Order Of War is a cinematic World War II real-time strategy game, exclusive to PC. Somewhat oddly, it’s a Western-developed RTS being published by Japanese giant Square Enix. But developer has plenty of pedigree, as their name suggests.

It’s a gorgeous looking game set in WWII’s European theatre. You’ll play as the US marching towards Germany from the west and also as the Germans as they defend the Russian advance from the east. Apparently, the idea is to allow you to both make history and change it, too.

At least, I think I’ve read that in the marketing materials. Which gave me the idea for this comp.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got five prize packs to giveaway, one each day from September 16 to September 22 (skipping the weekend). To be eligible for each day’s draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day’s competition post.

Each prize pack contains: * A copy of Order Of War on PC * An Order Of War CD soundtrack * A limited edition Order Of War mouse pad

To enter, as I hinted at earlier, I want you to come up with a marketing tagline for Order Of War. We’ve done this type of comp before, so go and have a peek at the Madworld and The Conduit comps if you find yourself confused.

The daily winners will be the smartest, wittiest and creativiest taglines we see. Or just the ones we like the most.

Good luck!

So who won Friday’s draw? This guy did.

Ronald and his pun-tastic tagline: “Order of War: I’ll have Lolle Goebel Blitz Bomb.”

Congrats, Ronald, I even forgave the mispelling of Goebbels. I’ll be in touch on Wednesday once all five winners have been drawn.

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  • Order of War: The chase for the Polish Beers and Vodka!

    Order of War: Frankfurter Sandwhich anyone? One Snag coming up!

    Order of War: Un Blitzkreig FTL!

  • (Continuing on my blatant disregard for the rules, 3 past entries of pure literary gems I might add… anyhoo, my 4th instalment of garbage begins below:- Not even a “shut up” from you yet David????))

    Order of War:- A fantasy short novel, by me.
    So, like the bombs are whizzing about and a rat-tatatata-tatatatt from the guns is filling the crisp autumn air. The delicate red and yellow leaves sway gentley as little specs of yellow bile and red liver bits whisp away from their original carcass it was once part of, and taps against the moist folliage.
    A young soldier by the name of David Goose, stumbles along with his fellow troops, wild eyed, keen, yet trembling with fear and excitement. His shovel sways along in rhythm to his steps, tapping against his proud buttocks. “Bloody hell, are we there yet?” sulks Goose to his wrinkled team leader Plunkett. “Oh, ffs, we’ll get there when we get there Goose, didn’t your folks ever teach you patience?”
    “Well sir, its just that I cant wait…. Phwoar!!!! Did you see that noob! That was like six perfect flips in the air, and he’s landed with his gentlemanly bits on his chin, you’ll never see such a cool explosion again, I bet you a tenner!” Goose was shuffling like a boxer, dancing about in excitement at what he had just seen.
    “Listen Goose” replied Plunkett “You need to show a little respect here, mum’s are losing sons, father are losing there best mates, brothers are losing broth…..Holy Funk! Did you see that one!! It was a double soldier nadey spin…. I mean, you need to show respect Goose, keep the awesome inside, put it in a book or something one day”.
    The troops continued onwards the trenches, awaiting them warmly, an earthly cocoon in which boys become men, lovers became loners and bitterness was bred. The familiar gravel road had now become broken, torn apart and muddied with blood. It was actually the perfect consistancy for mud pies, with sauce, had they not had a mission to distract them.
    “I hear Jetstar had some cheap flights this way, could have saved all this walking you know, just saying is all…” Goose exclaimed as sweat ran down his back and down the cleft of his crack.
    Grey skies streched overhead, a warm blanket of ghosts filled the air, it was quite peaceful, apart from some guy choking and gargling some blood as he slipped away, kinda ruining the moment.
    The troops broke out into a line dance version of the macarena in joy as the finally reached the trenches. Goose could not believe his luck, a trained archaeoligist out in the fields, miles of muddy trenches to fossick in, he was happy as a pig in shit. He shut his eyes momentarily and imagined the next few weeks, what ancient bones could he find among the fresh crop tainting those trenches. His appointment with company B had not been from his pwning skills, infact his trainers could not work out why his right hand bandied about, like he was playing invisible DJ decks, but boy could he dig!
    Plunkett rallied his men, his comanding frame, sexily adorned with tools of death. His abs were rippled, tanned and held proud his hulking arms. Tins of ‘Build-a-body’ had gone into his frame, perhaps it was his bodies growth spurt that his junk appeared smaller, well thats what he told himself.
    “Men” he boomed, “We know why we’re here”
    “To find a sigmoidally shaped third metatarsal of a triceratops???” Goose muttered quietly under his breath, his motives differed somewhat from the main goals.
    Plunkett adjusted himself and continued “We are here for the same reason as those pesky Germans, to find where the fuck Major Owen Good burried the keys after last months stoner party. Can’t let Hitler anywhere near Good’s 33 Willy’s Coupe, everyone knows he cant drive for shit, I hear the dude wanted to be a traffic warden just to be near cars, he still raises his hand to stop them and direct them and shit.”
    Order of War:-Find dem keys.

    (As usual, I can literally feel the frown at my back eminating from my dead grandpa, I’ve really been bumming him out, I just hope its all been worth it because I still cant believe Bratz v Barbies got me nowhere!)

    • i tried man…

      i seriously TRIED to read your post!

      I think i got close to half way before the atrocities against grammar caused me to dry heave.

      Also, mr. Goose doesn’t tell anyone to shut up on here, at least not from what i’ve seen.

      Personally i like the barbie/bratz thing much better.. it was a little more disturbing, yet something all of us could probably relate to… whats that? the rest of you can’t?
      ..oh.. ok.. i’ll just sit here in the corner and nibble on my shame burger…

      • Rofl, yeah, I kinda didn’t get time to proof read it, it got kinda a little long winded. At least I’m putting in some big ass effort, err for a one liner… *hangs head in shame

        I do urge you to read on tho loopy, it has references to testicle sizes in there somewhere. 😀

  • Order of War – Please don’t shoot the caterers.

    Order of War – now available in kid’s meals.

    Order of War – sign here.

    Order of War – Bombe Alaska…

    Order of War – For the low, low cost of an arm and a leg.

    Order of War – disappearing in 3…2…1

    Order of War – because chaos of war would bad.

    Order of War – chilli con carnage.

    Order of War – when life gives you lemons, go capture the oranges.

    Order of War – looking for group, perferrably intact.

  • Order of War – get your money’s worth of violence. (a little disturbing…)

    Order of War – the price of war has never been better. (shame those that make profit playing with lives ugh)

    Order of War – art included. (for strategy lovers)

  • Order Of War – Fight like hell!
    Order Of War – This time it’s for real!
    Order Of War – Fight like there’s no tomorrow!
    Order Of War – There’s no Missing In Action!

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