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order of war packshotToday is the final day of our Order Of War giveaway. Meaning we've already given away four of the five prize packs on offer. Find out how you could score the last one after the jump.

Order Of War is a cinematic World War II real-time strategy game, exclusive to PC. Somewhat oddly, it’s a Western-developed RTS being published by Japanese giant Square Enix. But developer has plenty of pedigree, as their name suggests.

It’s a gorgeous looking game set in WWII’s European theatre. You’ll play as the US marching towards Germany from the west and also as the Germans as they defend the Russian advance from the east. Apparently, the idea is to allow you to both make history and change it, too.

At least, I think I’ve read that in the marketing materials. Which gave me the idea for this comp.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got five prize packs to giveaway, one each day from September 16 to September 22 (skipping the weekend). To be eligible for each day’s draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day’s competition post.

Each prize pack contains: * A copy of Order Of War on PC * An Order Of War CD soundtrack * A limited edition Order Of War mouse pad

To enter, as I hinted at earlier, I want you to come up with a marketing tagline for Order Of War. We’ve done this type of comp before, so go and have a peek at the Madworld and The Conduit comps if you find yourself confused.

The daily winners will be the smartest, wittiest and creativiest taglines we see. Or just the ones we like the most.

Good luck!

So who won Friday’s draw? This guy did.

phantomdiorama continued the gastronomically themed taglines with: “order of war: hors d’oeuvre of war”

Congrats, phantom, I’ll be in touch tomorrow once all five winners have been drawn.

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    Order of War: Death and Famine had the sushi.

    Order of War - "Double-you", "ay", "aych". I mean "why". I mean "ee". Ahh whatever! Hey I got it!


    Order Of War - Forget the order, Bring on the war!

    Order Of War - Order and Ordnance

    Order Of War - With a side of Destruction

    Meh that's all i could come up with for now =)

    Order of War: In ascending order, nasty words, girly slapping, fist fights, knife fights, gun fights, tank fights, dog fights and then nukes and start over.

    Order of War - And Other Oxymorons

    (Obviously, after a week of literary turds from me It'd be a traversty if I let this one slip by without another try. But I thought today, I may show some respect to my grandpa's honor, so this one's for him) :)

    Order of War:- Tracks of dead ends, metal frames clicking slowly along at a constant pace lining up one behind the other. Acrid smoke fills the air, sticking on the lips of those in wait and staining their silent tongues. If war is power, then those uniformed men played god, filled with corrupting power and a misplaced rage. Barbed wire contained those within, bones protruding behind sunken skin.
    The might of bombs, the cracks of guns, the roar of peered men in arms will change things forever.

    (For my grandpa today, he was enslaved to work in death camps and lost many family and friends)

    Order of War-m Glass of Milk and Cookies. Yum!

    Order of War: War of Order

    Order of War: Fast and Führerious.

    Order of War - Come get some war in ya

    Order of War - Italy's bringin the pizzas!

    Order of War - Don't forget what you've ordered because this is one long line

    Order of War - We've brought that supplies, you bring yourself

    Order of War - If you want an order, drop and give me 20

    Order of War - You'll never go hungry again

    Order of War: Mein Kampfy Chair

    Order of War: Chaos without Peace

    Order of War: In A.D 1939. War was Beginning

    Order of War:

    1. First you sic' 'em
    2. Then you lick 'em
    3. Then you dunk 'em

    Order of War - i'll take your France, with a side of Poland thanks

    Order of War - War never changes.

    Order of War: NAZIS! I hate those guys!

    Order of War: A Blitzkrieg with a side of fried French.

    Order of War: Get this game or it is War! Literally

    Order of War: The fight for the freedom of Vodka, Scotch or Oktoberfest!

    Order of War: Das ist uber gut

    Order of War: chk chk, Boom! Hallo

    Order of war: World War II served RTS style.

    Order of War: Insert witty German pun here.

    Order of War: Would you like some RTS with your World War 2?

    Order of War: That comes with salad or soup.

    Order of War: The Nazis took peace off the menu.

    Order of War: Shoot first, ask questions later.

    Order of War: Try the new Axis burger, its a little bit Nazi

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