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order of war screen 2Order Of War is a new World War II real-time strategy game for PC. If you'd like the chance to win a copy, just click that red word after the fullstop.

UPDATE: Today's draw is closed. You can enter Thursday's draw over here.

Order Of War is out in Australia tomorrow, exclusively for PC. Somewhat oddly, it's a Western-developed RTS being published by Japanese giant Square Enix. But developer has plenty of pedigree, as their name suggests.

It's a gorgeous looking game set in WWII's European theatre. You'll play as the US marching towards Germany from the west and also as the Germans as they defend the Russian advance from the east. Apparently, the idea is to allow you to both make history and change it, too.

At least, I think I've read that in the marketing materials. Which gave me the idea for this comp.

Thanks to Square Enix's Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we've got five prize packs to giveaway, one each day from today to Tuesday next week (skipping the weekend). To be eligible for each day's draw you must leave your comment by midnight on that day's competition post.

Each prize pack contains: * A copy of Order Of War on PC * An Order Of War CD soundtrack * A limited edition Order Of War mouse pad

To enter, as I hinted at earlier, I want you to come up with a marketing tagline for Order Of War. We've done this type of comp before, so go and have a peek at the Madworld and The Conduit comps if you find yourself confused.

The daily winners will be the smartest, wittiest and creativiest taglines we see. Or just the ones we like the most.

Good luck!

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    Order Of War,
    War Has been Served

    Order of War - puts you in the chaos of battle.

    I've found some bugs in Edwin Starr's "War" song... Fresh codes in brackets.

    "War, huh, yeah" (No problems here)
    "What is it good for?" (Hang on, you were off to a great start there Edwin, for starters its given industry a flag pole every time one breaks out. Not to mention all the awesome games they have inspired, such as, I dont' know, *wink wink* Order Of War for example.)
    "Absolutly nothing" (Well, there have certainly been some great films about war, the first 20 mins of Saving Private Ryan, I mean, c'mon it was pretty awesome, especially in like 7.1 surround.)
    "Say it again, y'all" (Yes, thankyou Edwin, as I was saying Order Of War is a must buy, all thanks to the greatness of war)

    So there you have it, I'm going to hell and sorry grandpa.......

    Order of War. Have your history, and eat it too.

    Create order, through chaos.

    Order Of War: Buy Weapons - Kill Enemies - Sign Treaty

    Order of War: Defend, Retalliate, ???, Profit!


    The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the rest die for theres.

    Your Order is Redy. Would you like Fritz with that?

    Order of War - Would you like fries with that?

    Order of War: History as you know it. Or is it...

    Order of War: First you get the guns, then you get the tanks, then you get the VICTORY!

    Order of War - Action first diplomacy later

    Stalingrad to see you

    Like your stakes Red?

    Order of war: Because WW2 was more than a 1st person view

    Order of War - Socks Off Before Pants

    Order of War - This time it's personal.

    Upsize your Fritz

    Order of War
    Served with a generous, mouth-watering, steaming dollop of Tom Hanks.

    Order of War - Bringing order through superior firepower

    Smells much better than "Odour of War"

    1. Declare War
    2. Invade
    3. ...
    4. Profit?

    Order of War - World War Two-point-awesome.

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