Wish You Were Here: Harajuku

While perhaps no longer ground zero for school-girl fashion, Harajujku remains the fashion capital of Japan and continues its impact on international trends.

A walk down these packed side streets nets you an eclectic mix of styles from gothic lolito to haute couture. The area around Tokyo's Harajuku Station is a must stop, must see for anyone visiting Japan interested in a look on the constantly evolving culture of the country's youth.


    Sigh...wish I was there.

    Aaaa, a Loteria. It's been such a long time! And MOS Burger too ;_;

    The funny thing about Takeshidori (the street with all the people crammed in) is that during summer at least, it's about half foreign tourists all there to take exactly these photos... more whiteys with hairy legs exposed by 3/4 shorts than you can throw a stick at.

    I was just walking through there on Sunday. So many people trying to get down such a tiny street.

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