Wizard101 Celebrates First Year, Five Million Players

Wizard101 Celebrates First Year, Five Million Players

KingsIsle Entertainment’s family-friendly MMO might not have taken off as fast as Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms, but Wizard101 is doing just fine, celebrating more than five million registered players on its first anniversary.

KingsIsle is decorating the world of Wizard City and promising a “special surprise” for all players of Wizard101 this month as they celebrate one year of card-based, free-to-play magic duels for the whole family. Response to the title has been overwhelming, with more than five million players signing up to give the game a spin since it launched in September of 2008.

“Quality family entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive,” said J. Todd Coleman, creative director of Wizard101. “The success of Wizard101 clearly shows that it is possible to produce a fun and challenging game that is both wallet-friendly and appropriate for all ages – and that it’s something people are looking for in these tough economic times.”

While I’m not sure these tough times are quite as tough as they were a year ago, there’s definitely something to be said for a game you can sit down with your child and play until he or she gets so engrossed you can slip away to play big people games in the other room.

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