Women Get Their Game On


Women looking to get into the games industry should keep their collective eye on a special day in September and November.

The Women In Games Initiative, which aims to encourage and promote women in the games industry, is holding its Sydney Mixer at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's (AIE) new Sydney campus. The two events - one in September for those over 18 and one in November for high school girls - will give those who are interested the chance to mingle with women already working in the industry and ask questions about the gaming workforce.

The initiative was created to try and boost the number of women working in gaming and to show that game design is a viable career path for women.

Boys are allowed.

Women In Games Sydney Mixer (18+ only) When: Thursday 17th September, 6pm till 9pm Where: Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Sydney campus RSVP: Friday 4th September to Jill Gray on 02 8514 8800 Register online here.

Another Women In Games Event (All ages) Date: Thursday 19th November 2009 Time: 6pm till 8pm Where: Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Sydney campus Contact: [email protected] or phone (02) 8514 8800

Women In games Sydney Mixer [Women In Games]


    I don't think game design is a viable career path for anyone regardless of gender.

      Yeah. I'm currently employed as a game designer in a position where the long term security is questionable. I also have a female friend who's an out of work game designer waiting for more work to materialise. It's pretty slim pickings at the moment.

      LoL. Of course it's a viable career. You just have to be good at what you do!

    Interesting that it's in Sydney... how many games companies are there again?

    Why only Sydney?

    There are twice as many in Melbourne and even more in Brisbane.

      Twice as many? There's all of approximately two in Sydney. I think we've got just a few more than twice that in Melbourne :)

      Which makes the question all the more important to ask.

    Anyone else think the pic looks like Lindsay Lohan??

    Been to an AIE open night...looked like a nice place to study BUT the price tag on that 2 year course? try $16,000 or something like $3,000 per semester. Its too expensive. Try TAFE, they have game development courses that run up to only $1200 for 2 years (diploma)

    I think they ment design and also DEVELOPMENT.

    There's a slight mistake in the above information, this Women In Games networking event is for women. There are a couple of males attending who are in a position to help promote the industry to women, however the event has been organised for women and is not really intended for males. Also, the event is in Sydney as we have taken the initiative to promote the industry to women here and run this event, it would be great to see similar events in other places such as Bris & Melb.

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