World At War Map Pack 3 Releases Next Week For PC

Patch 1.6, which includes Map Pack 3 for PC, deploys next week. This time I am going to get his name right and attribute the news to Josh Olin, the Treyarch Community Manager.

Map Pack 3, of course, includes the multiplayer settings Battery, Breach and Revolution, plus the Nazi zombie map Der Riese. Unlike the consoles, however, PC players get this for free.

There are some other exploit fixes and issue correction. Additionally, Olin says Treyarch does "expect a concurrent release of the Mod Tools 1.4 package, Linux dedicated 1.6 bins, and the Steam 1.6 day-of-date with this patch." Full details at the link.

Patch 1.6 Details [Call of Duty Community Forums, via Blue's News]


    Totally unfair IMO that PC players get stuff like this for free. Just because they don't use a service like PSN or XBL to play.

    I mean they get to buy the game cheaper. They don't pay to play online. Just because they don't play through a service like XBL - which you need points to purchase things - doesn't mean they should get it for free because we are playing on a console.

    If thats the case, then PS3 Players should get their stuff free too if they don't pay for their service unlike XBL.

      Then why didn't you get the PC version?

        I gather you're a PC gamer who thinks it is fair based purely because you don't want to pay for things like these?

        I'm talking about fairness really. IS it fair that someone playing PC gets a game CHEAPER plus their content FREE where as a console gamer pays for the same game, $20-$30 more and pays for DLC which can cost $10+?

        I don't like gaming on a PC - i'm not good at it nor do i enjoy it. Only with RTS games & i can hardly do that very long.

        These dev's put their time & spend their budget to make this DLC and charge console players but not PC gamers. Either charge everyone to make back the money, or give it out free for everyone to enjoy

      yup we aslo get servers instead of your stupid host based system when you pay

      But we pay so much more on our PC's and we fuel a modding community if it wasnt for us your stupid consoles wouldnt exsist sod off

      they know theres no point charging us for thses things because it would be an easy piece of work to make home made versions

    Yeah, Jay you are right but Treyarch and Activision know that if they charge for the map pack on PC, only about 20k-50k people are going to buy it.

    Although Microsoft forces charging most of the time (I'm 99% sure with Sony as well), Activision have turned into complete money grabbers. Anywho, I miss my cod 1 and UO. I hope we can have a balanced game which has optimised gameplay for the PC in the Cod series soon.

    The reason is simple why it is free - PC gamers have been getting DLC/Patches with content free for years (until Fallout 3 came along), they are not going to start paying for 3-4 maps and break up the MP community. Even if they were to sell the DLC at say ~$4 it would not sell at all. PC gamers are use to getting it free.

    Plus free DLC is an incentive for PC gamers not to pirate as well.

      you make a good point about the DLC as an incentive but if the MP is worth it thats all we should need but seriously the amount of hassle there would be to check that we have legitimatly purchased DLC would just be a supid sap of the jump in and out nature that we enjoy

      my mate has pirated fallout 3 DLC working with his legitimate copy of fallout 3 why would he pay the $66 australian for it, especially considering the content in fallout 3 pales in comparison to ovlivion before its DLC

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