Would You Prefer To Be Slapped Or Game With A Girl?

It's your money — spent it the way you like. Newly opened Akihabara business "Cute Room" is offering otaku a bevy of girlfriend-like services that include playing video games, watching DVDs and playing board games with young female (paid) friends.

The girls available are pictured above.

Cute Room does not appear to be offering sexual services. Below is a list of activities that are offered with the girls, along with prices:

Play video games (Wii PS3 PSP XBOX DS) (30 minutes 1,000 yen) Watch a DVD with the girl (30 minutes 1,000 yen) Play board games or card games (20 minutes 800 yen) Massage your hand (20 mins 1,200 yen) Lie on her lap while she cleans your ear (20 mins 1,500 yen, 40 mins 3,000 yen) Tsundere, dere dere slap (slapped both ways 1,000 yen) Read a bedtime story (20 mins 1,000 yen) Take a photo together (1,500 yen) Handmade candy (2,000 yen) Get a love letter (1,000 yen) Get mobile phone email from her (photo + message 500 yen for one, 1,200 yen for three) Looking at you (with email movie 1 time 1000 yen, 2,500 yen for 3 times) Bromide (300 yen each) Exchange presents (need to call in advance, 1,500 yen)

One thousand yen is rough US$11.

Patrons select a room to spend with their paid girlfriend. Rooms include a big sister room, a maid's room, a classroom, a Japanese room or a Monster Hunter-style room. After selecting a room, customers pick out a costume for the girl. The price breakdown is ¥4,000 for 40 minutes, ¥5,500 for 60 minutes, ¥7,500 for 80 minutes and ¥2,000 for every 20 minutes after that.

秋葉原 CuteRoom 脳内エステ&リラクゼーション [Official Site via Digi Maga via Canned Dogs]


    thats so depressing i dont even know where to begin

    "Lie on her lap while she cleans your ear"?

    Strangest option?

      This is very normal between couples in East Asian culture.

        Just Japan. In China this is equally as weird.

    Japanese.... I have a japanese friend she says all these weird things ARE weird indeed but they all have like a little nook in society where its acceptable. Im sure this is perfectably normal within its limits over there...


      Hmm and I suppose your Japanese friend represents the Japanese population?

    haha that's just stupid

    Ear cleaning for $15! Thats so wierd!

    lol them just looking at you costs you money?

    Stumbled because of lols

    behold, the japanese have invented the anti-hooker.

    A hooker you pay for sex, these girls you pay for all of the other relationship-type things.

    maybe if you pay them a lot of money, you could get a root.... O.o

      Nah, these places are definitely not brothels.
      You can be sure of that from the numerous legal cases of such establishments against, shall I say, "eager patrons".

      That said, it looks like the person who captured the above image has a bit of a thing for Nana. Heheheh

    I could sure go for an ear cleaning right now...

    "Bromide (300 yen each)"


    1. (A chemical)
    3. a platitude or trite saying.

    A platitude? Is that what you get, for $3.82 AUD? Jeeeez.

    Oh, my good they are soooo adorable. I love Japanese girls. I am going to Japan early next year...maybe ill drop by.

    Hmmmm, now that i think about it my wife to be might not be overly impressed by that, especially considereing we are going there for our honeymoon.

    I reckon that's a sensational idea. Granted it's a bit weird, but imagine how many girlfriends/wives would become interested in their partners gaming all of a sudden...

    Money well spent IMO

    "Bromides" are a type of high-quality printing - their often used as "Masters" for advertising pics...

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