XBLA This Week: Zombies, Warriors, And Particle Physics

This week in the Xbox Live Arcade the Warriors come out to play; Zombies take over the earth; and Ion Assault ruins a perfectly good intro sentence by being a particle physics shooter.

Not that a space shooter where you use the free particles floating in space to fight off swarms of aliens isn't a keen idea, and with 20 different levels and both co-operative and competitive multiplayer there should be plenty of good times to be had by all. It just doesn't quite lend itself to a terse comment summarising gameplay. I'm sure you all will come up with many on your own. Don't blame Ion Assault.

You might as well blame old-school 3D beat-em up The Warriors Street Brawl for coming from a movie with such a catchy tag line, or undead slaughter fest Zombie Apocalypse for taking the easy way out in terms of subject matter.

What really matters here is that each of the three new games will be available on Wednesday for 800 Microsoft points apiece. I probably could have just said that and been done with it, but I love words.

This week on Arcade: Warriors, Zombie Apocalypse and Ion Assault [Major Nelson]


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