Xbox 360 Elite Gets Another "Price Cut"

Yes, we know, Microsoft only just cut the price of the Xbox 360 Elite by $US100. But Microsoft aren't the only ones with a vested interest in the success of the console. Netflix do too. Hence this further discount.

The online rental service are sponsoring a promotion on where, for a limited time (until October 5), anyone buying an Elite can send in a rebate form and get a further $US50 off the price of an Elite. Giving them, in effect, a $US150 price cut.

Kotaku AU Note: This Netflix promotion is not available in Australia because Netflix itself is not available in Australia.

$US50 Mail-In Rebate [Xbox]


    And when are we getting Netflix or a similar service??? Seems like my dollars are going to waste on the Xbox Live subscription these days...

    What about Indie games too?? And what seems like countless other services which don't get offered in Aus...

    I is depressed...

    @Glenn you just need to do a bit of googling bro, Netflix is readily available for Australians once you jump through the proper hoops. Hell, can get it for free too.

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