Xbox 360 Gets Price Drop In Japan

As expected, Microsoft announced a price drop for Japan. Are you excited yet? No?

So, yeah, the Xbox 360's price tag has been cut for The Land of the Rising Sun. Pricing looks like this:

• Xbox 360 Elite Previous Price: ¥39,800 (AU$515) New Price: ¥29,800 (AU$385)

• Xbox 360 Pro Previous Price: ¥29,800 (AU$385) New Price: Open

• Xbox 360 Arcade Previous Price: ¥19,800 (AU$256) New Price: ¥19,800

The open price for the Xbox 360 Pro is to basically ensure (or hopefully ensure) that retailers sell through their stock. The "new price" for the Xbox 360 Arcade isn't a new price—so don't get excitement.

Other details mentioned at the event include:

• Microsoft has sold 31.4 million Xbox 360s • Over twenty million Xbox LIVE members. • During the first half of this year, downloads were up 30 per cent • 27 million games in the Halo franchise have been sold

Numbers are fun!

【Xbox360 media briefing 2009】テキストライブ Xbox360値下げを発表 | インサイド [Inside Games] マイクロソフトの発表会で、Xbox 360 エリートが29800円[税込]に値下げ! [ファミ通.com]


    I have an xbox, I don't own a playstation, so this isn't some sort of fanboi comment.

    But I wonder how many of those 31.4 xbox's are replacing the broken ones, especially since the 3 year warranty ran out this year for launch consoles.

    Wouldn't that mean the Xbox Elite is more expensive than the PS3 slim in Japan? from memory the PS3 is only 29,990 yen.

      I dont recall the new price for the PS3 in Japan, but it is entirely possible. The Yen is down to the dollar and forecasted to fall farther, as Japan seems to be one of the slower countries in rebounding from the economic down turn. This would mean that for MS to maintain profit margins, the Yen price needs to be higher. Sony on the other hand can have a lower dollar price and relatively lower yen price, while maintaining their margins.

      This is a good example of how exchange rates can affect imports compared to exports.

      Did you even LOOK?! The new Elites price is Y29,800. Geez.

      Yeah i've really understood Japan. Gaming and in general. I mean they kill whales, c'mon people!

      Not only the way they are all Nintendo and Playstation, but also with their GAMES aswell. Obviously Xbox was something new to them and you don't wanna jump on the bandwagon straight away without knowing what its like. But the Original Xbox did quite well in the US & UK. They didn't totally ignore it, so what is there problem.

      the RRoD can't be the issue because look at the 360 in the US & UK now, ya know! I don't really understand it i guess. There games don't appeal to me which is probably the same for them.

      JRPG's just seem so weird. And their fascination with Mario & stuff is kinda creepy. They all seem as if they never grow up?

    wow price drops in Japan....thats gonna help sales, maybe, i think, do ppl even buy 360s in Japan or is everyone too busy playing monster hunter? :P Does anyone agree with me that Japan was lost from day 1?

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