Xbox 360 Getting Pay TV This Month (In Britain)

Next month, Xbox 360 users in the UK will be able to access Sky TV from their Xbox 360. This is probably going to be a big, big deal.

Why? Because the arrangement - which was first announced a few months back - means 360 owners get access to the "Sky Player", a platform that will be integrated into the system's dash in much the same Netflix is in the US.

And this player lets them access not only TV shows, documentaries and films, but sport as well. In particular, Premier League matches. Imagine the 360 getting DirectTV's live NFL games in the US and you're on the right track as to how important this could be to selling the system to a particular type of customer.

The October date was announced in the latest issue of Sky's subscriber TV magazine [digital spy]


    Sky TV is like Foxtel in Australia right? So does that mean, any user with a Xbox 360 and Sky TV in the UK can then access it for free. Well by only being charged for their subscription with Sky TV thats on their normal TV.

    If so, would that be possible for us Aussies. I mean, people who have Foxtel can have it on their Xbox 360, kinda like that. I doubt it will be for free though, we all know what Telstra are like.

    But if they could maybe say $10 extra a month on your subscription, it would save getting another box, which is $10 extra to get or $15 for IQ.

      Try finding an internet plan that'll adequately provide you with HD streaming.

      I reckon this is all paid by extra subscription, doubt Sky TV would want to lose their base subscribers to and Xbox lite subscription.

        Well considering not all channels are HD on Foxtel and the ones that are HD, are separate channels altogether, it wouldn't be a problem really.

        Unlike Netflix which streams all their content in HD really.

      Yeah that's a good idea, but i doubt they will. The only reason i say this is because Foxtel have their own receiver with their propreitory software built in. To have their service intergrated into Xbox Live would mean they would get large royalties to decode their signal, and this could mean an additional fee for us!

      Besides, it would make a hackers job easier on getting free foxtel!

    I wouldn't object to the ABC streaming TV thing though from what I recall reading the PS3 will be getting that

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