You Know What Team Fortress 2 Needs? Guard Dogs

There's a TF2 "Team Update" doing the rounds at the moment, which has people thinking a new class—guard dog—is being added to the game. It's not. But Valve have still given the concept the thumbs up!

You can check out the user-made concept here, which has the dog acting as a support class, able to carry a harness on its back which can carry weapons, tools and supplies, like a rocket pack, cannons and a...jarate dispenser.

Completely game-breaking of course, but still, a neat way to think outside the box. Even Valve are impressed with the idea, with the creators receiving a letter from Saxton Hale himself, patting them on the back for their efforts.


    Geez why don't they just make a new game already?

      Why do they even need to?

    What an awesome letter! lmao.

    It's the continuous aussie references at valve that give me hope that they'll figure out a way to get left 4 dead 2 here.

    that is the most awesome letter I think I have seen in my entire life.

    I can die now.

      Wait for the guard dogs first

    That was one letter I could not keep a straight face.
    Nice concept.

    One of the reasons TF2 is so damn good is the cheeky humour Valve inject.
    Case-in-point...Jarate; surely the funniest unlock *ever*. Unlimited mileage.

    Like this isn't going to get them 500,000 "When is it coming out" emails.

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