You've Got Ninja Gaiden In My Dynasty Warriors

Hey, Tecmo and Koei merged. And now their games are merging. Hooray!

Ninja Gaiden character Ryu Hayabusa will be appearing in Koei's PS3 version of Sangoku Musou Multi-Raid as an unlockable costumed character in armour, while Warrior Orochi's Nu Wa on the Xbox 360 version of Multi Raid. And costumes of Multi-Raid characters Sun Shang Xiang and Zhao Yun are going to pop up on the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

We look forward to seeing Dynasty Warrior character relaxing on the beach with the girls from Dead or Alive Xtreme. Make it happen, Koei Tecmo!


    Actually, i m looking forward to seeing DOA girls with bikini fighting in Dynasty Warriors. Make it happen, Koei Tecmo!

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