Zombie Apocalypse Dated; XBox Live Gets It A Day Early

Konami's given a release date to its top-down undead blast-o-thon Zombie Apocalypse, and it's next week! Xbox Live users get the title September 23, or Thursday. PlayStation Network users will see it Friday, September 24.

The game is $US9.99 on PSN, 800 Microsoft points on XBL. For your ten bones, you get 55 levels and 11 weapons, not including the wood chippers into which you can lure your shambling, leprous prey. The game also features cooperative online play. If you'd like to know more, check out our preview.

Zombocalypse Closer Than You Think [Co-Optimus, thanks Jeremiah]


    prolly get banned in aus ....

      Actually, it's already been classified MA.

        That's because in this game you're only butchering undead zombies, whereas in L4D2 you're... no wait

    buy this, wait for Dead Nation (by Housemarque, makers of SSHD), or both?

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