Zune HD, Now Available In An "Xbox Series"

The Zune HD is out today. Doesn't yet have much to do with the 360, aside from these Zunes engraved with logos and characters from current and upcoming 360 games.

They're part of the Zune's "Xbox Series". Which basically means you buy a Zune, then pick from one of ten designs (pictured below) that can be officially engraved on the back of your player.

Note: the one above is a mockup, since being in Australia the Zune store won't even let me access actual pictures, let alone buy one.

Xbox Series [Zune]


    The what? Sorry, I'm too busy owning an iPhone.

      And im to busy owning a Touch Pro 2, take that apple fanboy:p But seriously even though i dont need it and nor do you, check out the UI demos on youtube lucky its not available in Australia now otherwise i would have impulse bought one by now.

      The Zune HD is getting Audiosurf, so we really don't need to do any more defending than that.

    I'm probably going to try and import one when the prices are down. I've wanted to import a zune for the longest time and was going to get it this year till I heard about the HD. It'll be either Gears or Forza 2 branding for me :)

    I just bought one of these at www.mwave.com.au and they are great pretty good to be honest...


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