Zune HD: Welcome To The Gaming Business

This alleged promo video for Microsoft's new music player, the Zune HD, shows that while Microsoft aren't exactly making a big deal out of it, the thing can definitely play games of some sort.

You'll see a glimpse of a racing game if you head to about 30 seconds in. And below, you'll see that while games aren't important enough to the device to warrant full-blown Xbox brand integration, they are important enough to get a mention on the Zune's box art.

Zune HD Promo Video Offers Quick Peek at Hardware's 3D Gaming Capabilities [Gizmodo]


    Without the addition of being a mobile phone why bother. Its just going to be an expensive iPhone without the phone!

      What do you think the iPod Touch is?

    BTW the game looked similar to Project Gotham Racing 3.

    MS have such a huge potential to make this successful. But they're gonna screw it up.

    Their marketing/sales/advertising team HAS to be the worlds worst team EVER for a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    I mean they aren't even releasing this this overseas right? I heard it was ONLY the US & not even Canada, well maybe Canada...

    Will this be coming to Australia?

    If not, anyone know if "HD radio" is the same as Australia's "Digital Radio"?

      Apparently it all comes down to marketplace intergration. I spoke with a M$ sales rep about it a few months. These guys are screaming for a local release to try and grab some market share from Apple. The major retailers are screaming for it to grab back some profit margin because the only people who make money from the ipod are Apple. But until they localise the Zune market place, we're screwed.

    I'm so sick of people complaining about the lack of a phone feature, why does every thing needs to be a phone. Does my shoe need to be a phone?

    I don't want a phone in my mp3 player. Have you ever owned an iPhone? Those things need to be charged every 18 hours if you use them for all the things they are capable of. Great piece of tech, but I need my phone to make and receive calls and emails. That's it. I want the battery to last me at least 3 days of regular use and I don't want my mp3 player to have a bunch of unrelated crap filling up the drive. I have just over 40Gb of music. I listen to music constantly and I commute to and from work each day. I need my mp3 player to play music, my phone to make calls and my kettle doesn't need to wash my car on the internet.

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