10-Year-Old's Video Game Reporting Featured On Today Show

Some video game reporting can be conducted from a swing set. Here's fifth-grader Owen Migel who made it into the Today Show's (US morning TV news program) semi-finals of their Kid Reporter contest. He appeared on the show, along with the following.

Migel's local paper, the Pasadena Star-News reports that he directed, shot and edited the video himself and got an A.

Could we learn some lessons here?



    Listening to him talk still makes me die a little inside. If this guys the best I can only imagine how soul destroyingly annoying the other kids must have been.

    Do you start liking kids more once you have them or am I the only one who finds them incredibly annoying?

      Same ... little kids + talking serious about video games and its industry does not work =3

    Man he sounded angry. His voice boomed at the end of each sentence. Hell yeah Skarteh, that was the most annoying kid I've ever heard.

    what a little shit

    respect to him for being brave enough but that was annoying as! He did sound angry. ADD kid?

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