100 Million Need For Speed Games Sold

Fifteen years, 15 games, and now more than a 100 million units sold. EA celebrates the Need for Speed franchise surpassing 100 million units sold with a shiny graphic and some fun facts.

One hundred million is a large number. According to EA, it represents nearly every household in America, and is three times the population of Canada, which helps put the over 100 million Need for Speed games sold since 1994 into perspective. The driving game series has sold more copies than passenger cars in the US during the same time period. Of course most of us don't trade our cars in for a new model every year, and you can't rent a Need for Speed game.

Did you know that Need for Speed games have been released in 22 languages in more than 60 countries, or that all of the Need for Speed boxes, if laid out end-to-end, would span 173,609 football fields? No? How about the fact that players have driven more than 449 billion kilometres in the games, and generated more than 17 trillion vehicle customisations? Impressive, right?

What's most impressive is that EA has managed to release a new Need for Speed on average every year since 1994, and the series still hasn't grown stale for countless players. With a few exceptions, ever new version has managed to differentiate itself from the others enough to keep us from constantly whining about another game coming out. That takes some serious skill. Well played, EA.


    *desperately tries to shape an N,F & S out of his fingers*

    Where's the figures for the number of sales on each NFS game?

    Last I remember the last 8 or 9 NFS games were pretty shockingly bad, and had been over milked, and over done.

    '...and you can’t rent a Need for Speed game.' hrmmmm....

    So many years of my life poured into those titles.

    YEa, Porscheunleashes was a great game, going through all the era's of porsche cars. Informative and lots of fun. Looked amazing for the time too. I was hoping some more brands would get this treatment. How about a Ford or Ferrari based game like that? A few dodgy releases in there too, undercover was terrible on PC, but Shift is a welcome return to form.

    Bring back the hot pursuit series!

    I would say Most Wanted was the beginning of the downhill. It was good cause it brought back racing in day light & all but it was just totally EH!

    Then it went back to night & a strong theme in racing downhill. That was fairly boring. Then it went to ProStreet and i remember the name cause it was crap and even bombed in sales.

    Then it went to Underground and i never played that but i'm sure it was better than ProStreet. And now Shift. I hope Shift does well but i think it was released at an awkward time where people also had Dirt 2 to choose from and others are waiting for Forza 3 and GT5.

    But i thought it had already passed 100 million. It's done really well. And the series hasn't been that crap minus those 3 games. I will always have that passion for Hot Pursuit and the PS1 games but i still love the Underground titles. That is all people were playing back in the day.

    But i would disagree saying the franchise has been milked. Mario is the definition of milked. NFS is one genre, racing. And although it may seem like the same thing with each game and you live off just the one - each game has different tracks and cars & all that. To me it doesn't feel milked cause each is different and worthy. Mario doesn't feel that way with majority of its games.

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