101 Wii Mini Games, All At Once, All For You

Atlus and developer Nordcurrent take the 101-in-1 Megamix concept from the DS to the Wii, with 101 mini games that should completely satisfy your need to play mini games for the rest of your life.

Seriously, this should do you until the end of time. 101-in-1 Party Megamix for the Wii features a metric ass-ton of games that you can play with family and friends, all for the price of $US19.99 worth of coffee. Having not played even one of these 101 games I cannot vouch for their quality, but there is a game with a rabbit skating on train tracks collecting carrots, so that alone should be worth the price of admission, unless you are discerning.


    oooooooooooh jousting
    and whack-a-croc
    and cooking
    and throwing tomatoes at some dude on stage
    and a skydiver playing space invaders?! (while skydiving?!?!?!)

    this looks cool

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