2K Sports Indicates NBA 2K10 Patch Coming In Two Weeks

Framerate and connectivity issues have plagued NBA 2K10 since its release date Tuesday, and 2K Sports have put out word that they are working to put out an update fast and correct multiplayer issues even faster.

Many have complained of bad framerate issues that some say render the game almost unplayable, although I myself have not encountered it. That said, some of the problem may involve multiplayer games - which I and many others have found difficult if not impossible to connect to over the past two days. The problems seem mostly to involve the Xbox 360 version.

"We're diligently working on a game update for NBA 2K10. Our primary focus is on addressing the framerate issues and online concerns that are being reported," says 2K Sports forum admin SimBaller. "In addition to this, we are planning to address a number of other issues that you have reported to us."

The patch 2K Sports plans to roll sounds like it will be available by the end of next week, as that's when SimBaller says he will "be publishing a full list of all the issues fixed in the patch. I'm confident you will be more than satisfied with the changes we are making to every aspect of the game."

Players have complained of black screens and freezes. Some complain of a framerate degradation that renders the game almost unplayable. Others say the it drops noticeably during cutscenes and spots in the game where a lot of players are clustered together.

I've been playing the game this week and find the framerate drops noticeably - but not to an unplayable degree - when I get into camera angles with a ton of people on the screen - crowd shots after timeouts, huge traffic jams in the lane, that sort of thing.

As far as multiplayer, that is its own set of problems. Pasta Padre's sports blog has mentioned troubles on the 2K server involving very problematic lag or the inability to connect to the 2K Sports server which some have experienced over the past two days, myself included.

If any of this concerns you, head on over and make yourself heard. But it's definitely not the kind of forum post 2K Sports would rather read in this games launch week.

NBA 2K10 Game Update - READ POST 1 and 2, REOPENING TOMORROW [2K Sports Forums]


    I bought it yesterday and I gotta say I'm disappointed. The framerate issue has plagued me when I play it. It shows up most in transition when the gameplay gets a little faster paced.

    I gotta say it does render it nearly unplayable on the PS3. I've never been so infuriated with a new purchase.

      I agree 100% Its insulting to fans that it was released when they had to KNOW it was seriously flawed. Ive been a 2k fan since the beginning, and this year I seriously considered going back to Live. The frame rate chugs so bad that there were times when I couldnt even see my shots fall in, or see the ball launched in the air! Horrible, and inexcusable! I dont care how many bells and whistles you add...if core gameplay is broken and unplayable, its a deal breaker! If the upcoming patch doesnt fix the framerate issue..Im gone! back to Live! I hope youre reading this 2K... dont let us down...again!

      TOTALLY AGREE!! Horrible version this year. Live still sucks to me though. I will wait for the patch and hopefully start hooping again.

    at the end of a long grind of pre-draft, summer league, training camp I finally earned a roster spot on the cavaliers. However, once the real games started, with real NBA arenas the lag was so horrible. I couldn't play the game because anytime the ball was moving in transition, drives through the lane and simple jumpshots the fram-rate would slow to about 3/4 of normal rate. I thought this was intended at first, sort of a home arena effect. However, it happened on my home court as well. It's like expecting a fastball and getting a change-up.

    I'm a very frustrated, $60 paying customer who is hoping this patch will fix this or I will happily continue playing other titles.

    This game sort of is lagging and the images are like moving pictures during a real game, but during summer league or draft combine games they look really smooth and real. Hope they can fix it so it looks like summer league games because if they do, then this game will truly look amazing. i haven't had any problems with connection to online but it lags even during offline.

    I agree this game does need a patch. My only real complaint is the issue with connecting to online servers. The gameplay is amazing.. I have a ps3 and dont have many frame rate issues. Once the Patch comes out this game should the best nba game ever...

    Quote; “be publishing a full list of all the issues fixed in the patch. I’m confident you will be more than satisfied with the changes we are making to every aspect of the game.”

    This is ridiculous. It's as if we are being treated like children. This game should have never been released like this. To buy a game that costs $99.95 (AUS) then to have to wait for a patch that will fix glitches, bugs, etc and then to feel '...more than satisfied' for the patch being released is absurd. I'm not sure what they are testing at 2K. Surely they came across the framerate problems. Surely they came across for example; The Bucks team player stats suddenly vanish in association mode. I could keep going and I'm sure others can too.

    I can't comprehend how this game got released with all these problems. I was on the 2ksports website (http://2ksports.com/forums/showthread.php?t=236237) where they mentioned the listing of issues to be possibly fixed in the upcoming patch. I roughly counted close to 100 issues on that list. It seems as though you could create NBA 2k12 with that patch. I wouldn't find it surprising if 2K probably did this delibrately hoping at least half of the problems being talked about, didn't get mentioned so they can add few little things here and there to NBA 2K11, then to NBA 2K12 and so on. I'm sure the Fifa games do this too and lots of others. Some game developers love feeding a little bit and a little bit to consumers, that way we as consumers feel that we are getting something new everytime.

    Now they will probably only fix half of what's on the list and have an excuse as to why they couldn't apply them to the patch. 2K11 comes along, they would possibly add a quarter into that game and so on.

    Whoever SimBaller is, reading what he was quoted to have said, is insulting.

    In my player mode after u go down to the d league and u sign a 10 day contract after the contract is up it says there is a list of teams that want to sign u but that list never comes up so i hop this patch fixes it.

    i want my online record, to count all my games and i want my online trophies i earned

    im just a regular guy who plays sports games and doesnt have xbox live. how do i get the patch? can anyone from 2k sports help me with this please? i enjoy 2k sports and have also been here since the beginning is there anyway, once the game has been fixed i can send my copy in for the better version? please let me know.

      Blake, your best bet is to contact 2K's customer support line.

        should i wait a couple of weeks? or contact them soon?

    please fix my player mode stuck in d league for one season got cut from knicks picked up wit hawks n now stuck so far. i played 60 games n its getting me nowhere but upgrading my player my overall is 65 i dont know y im not getting invited in the nba please if its a bug fix in patch ****PLEASE****

    is the ps3 version as bad and buggy as the pc version?

      PC version is probably a lot more playable tehn console version atm...

      Framerate drop free here ^^

    I have a PS3 version and am encountering the framerate and online gameplay lag as well. I hope 2K Sports can fix this soon.

    A I'm stuck in my 1st season I won the ship...but I cannot continue 2 my season 2 pls help asap

    Ive finished my first season in my player mode but when I choose go to play next game nothing happens and i look at the schedule of games there is nothing scheduled. so simply saying it I'am stuck and I cannot continue my player mode. will the new patch fix this?

    where can i download the fixing patch from??
    has it been realesed yet?
    Also 2k10 is trying to download automatically the update (it seems that way) when i launch the aplication but it cannot connect to any 2k server
    Whats going on ???????????

    wats a patch guys? cus i always freeze after completin 1st season

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