A Look At Assassin's Creed: Lineage

Ubisoft gives us a sneak peek at Assassin's Creed: Lineage, the short film series prequel to Assassin's Creed II, launching next week on YouTube.

Announced at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, Assassin's Creed: Lineage follows the story of Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, the father of Assassin's Creed II protagonist Ezio. The first of the three short films will debut on October 27th on YouTube, with the remaining two released over the next few weeks leading up to the game's release.

"Ubisoft is excited to share a new Assassin's Creed experience with the public. The Assassin's Creed Lineage film series is part of Ubisoft's ongoing efforts to reinforce its intellectual properties by bringing them to multiple entertainment mediums, providing gamers with a more immersive experience when they play as Ezio, the master assassin of Assassin's Creed II," stated Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer of Ubisoft.

The movies are being developed by Hybride Technologies, the visual effects studio behind 300 and Sin City, which Ubisoft purchased last year for just this sort of project. The results look rather spectacular so far.

Look for the first episode of Assassin's Creed: Lineage next week.


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