A Patch Of Gaming Pumpkins

I asked and many of you answered. We almost have enough gaming-themed pumpkins to cover a post a day between now and Halloween. Here's a gallery of ceemdee's pumpkins.

"Mainly I've used an x-acto knife and three tiny screwdrivers to do most of the carving," ceemdee said in an email. "I used some wood carving tools to scrap out the bigger areas on a few of the pumpkins and a needle is used to trace the image. They were all carved in the last four weeks. It's actually only four pumpkins (one a week) with three carvings on each. :)"

You can check out unlit views of the pumpkins here.

Got any more? Send pictures of 'em my way!


    This guy has very good taste in games

    does the pip boy look TOO good? almost photoshopped i rection

      Nah the guy is a graphic designer by trade so he's damned good at getting tiny details right

    His work is good, really good.

    There's no way pumpkins could ever look that good.

    That Manny Calavera one is mind-blowingly awesome - he even got the little decal on the hands!

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