A Very Team Fortress 2 Halloween

The spirit of Halloween has infected Valve's Team Fortress 2 Team, spawning a Haunted Hallowe'en Special update, complete with new achievements, a ghost-infested new map, exploding pumpkins and scary hats!

Today through November 2, Valve invites the spirits of the dead into Team Fortress 2 in the form of terrifying paper bag hats. The masks are unlocked via five new update-specific achievements, with names like "Candy Coroner" and "Attack O' Lantern", the latter of which might have something to do with the exploding pumpkins added in the update.

The update also brings a new KOTH map called Harvest, through which wanders the restless spirit of Zepheniah Mann. Crossing his path will cause you to freeze with terror, leaving you open to all sorts of deadly Halloween mischief. On top of that, "the mangled corpses of the recently deceased will plague the living… with candy!" I have no idea what that means, and I'm a little scared to find out.

Team Fortress 2 Pumpkin Patch [Team Fortress 2]


    its also 2.50 or something like that for the next probably bout an hour by now. i don't know when that ends though, i only heard it off twitter.

    How come nobody plays KOTH anymore? I loved that mode!

      ...and how come nobody ever answers this question?


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