Activision Lays Off Shaba's Ranks, Closes Studio

San Francisco-based developer Shaba Games is no more, according to a pair of tipsters who wished to remain anonymous. The developer of Spider-man: Web of Shadows is said to have been shuttered by parent company Activision today.

Sources claiming to have knowledge of the situation estimate that some 30 employees were laid off today, with one of those tipsters theorising that sluggish performance of Activision's Guitar Hero 5 was to blame. Shaba was responsible for the previously mentioned Spider-man game, ports of the Tony Hawk series and Shrek Super Slam, all for Activision.

The publisher was alleged to have made similar-sized cuts at the recently purchased 7 Studios yesterday. In other words, if you work for an acquired Activision studio, it might be wise to update your resume.

We've reached out to representatives for the publisher, but have not yet heard back.


    GH5 is selling sluggishly?

    Excellent - good to see Activision taking it in the ass for their cynical milking of the franchise.

    Sad to see them, in turn, sticking it to their (now ex-)employees in the ass.

    thats bull these guys are hard workers, unlike other activison studios like raven, these guys stay on top of the customers problems, not to mention guitar hero 5 was "sluggish" because it HAD NO ADVERTISEMENT, AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE WORLD, DONT BLAME THEM FOR YOUR STUPID MISTAKES!!!

    I really feel bad for those guys, i guess prototype really stole their thunder with a nearly exact duplicate game, its all activisons fault!! :'(

    Anything that Activision thinks is going to be a good seller, make sure that you have a punt that the game is going to bomb.... if Activision thinks that the game is going to bomb... make a punt that it is going to a best-seller....
    Let's see what is going to turn up in the coming year and see what game goes where

    It's such a shame. They made the best Spiderman game to date and that's not enough incentive to keep them around.

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