Aion Wings It To The Top Of September PC NPDs

The NPD PC charts for September have arrived, bringing with them several new entries amidst the old favourites, with Batman, Champions Online, and Aion slipping into the top 20.

Well, Batman: Arkham Asylum slips into the top 20 at least, taking a respectable number 16 position. The two MMO titles more or less storm the charts, with Cryptic's Champions Online snagging number 3, and Aion pulling a double as the normal version rocks number 1 and the limited edition takes the 5-spot. This means near domination of the top 5 for MMOs this month, with World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King at number 4 while The Sims 3 slips down to 2.

Not a bad start for two of the most eagerly anticipated MMO titles of the season. Check out the full chart below to see if your favourite made the cut this month.


    Does anyone consider that list to be rather depressing, with games 5+ years old still in the top 20 sellers?

      @ Nic totally agree. PC gaming is in a dismal state. MS is totally to blame for this. They wants games on the xbox & obviously don't care about the PC. I'm sure DX is still worked on just for future consoles. They could help developers bring their pc games over so easily but instead they keep Halo, etc just on the console. MS simply have too much power now.

    That list really does bring a tear to the eye. Maybe I'm just out of the 'What's Cool in Gaming' loop, but I've never heard of Reel Deal Slots, Mumbo Jumbo Assortment or Zuma's Revenge, I assume they're a result of the casual gamer's revolution? Nancy Drew at number 18? What the hell is going on?

    It’s probably unfair to just blame Microsoft. I think the retailers are also responsible as they’ve moved their business model more into selling 2nd hand console games that are traded in. You now find their PC game selection on a small shelf at the back of the store, hidden behind a banner of the latest PS3/Xbox/PSP and guarded by a leopard who has contracted Swine Flu an d is doubly ticked off over the fact it had to trade in its PS2 and 24 games in order to get its PS3 at half the retail price.

    I’ve given up on EB, Harvey Norman and Game and now buy my pc games on Steam.

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