Aliens VS. Predator: Aliens For The Win

After showcasing the poor Marines in the first faction trailer for Aliens VS. Predator, Sega focuses on the clear winners of the conflict — the Aliens.

The Aliens were my faction in the original Aliens VS. Predator game, and they'll be my faction in the new game as well. You can keep your stealthy cornrowed Predators, and the Marines are nothing more than cannon fodder. Give me the relentless, terrifying, ceiling-crawling Aliens any day. They have tongues with teeth! What more could you possibly ask for?

OK, the real reason I play as the Aliens is because I am so terrified of them that the only way to avoid being killed by one is to actually become one. Either way they win the day.


    Rated 18+ in Europe. Their ratins are 3, 7, 12, 16, and 18.
    I do hope Australia doesn't give it an 18+, too.

      The movies only got MA15+, didn't they? And the original games had decapitations...

      Still, yeah, I'm betting it'll be RC...

    AW MAN it is on. Predators represent!

    I find this depressing. I missed out on the first AvP game (I just wasn't in to shooters) but I'm such a massive Aliens fan that if the OFLC refuse classification to this game, I may well start scuttling down the walls and ceilings of their office, decapitating them!

      hehe nice. it really is a shame that this game is gonna be banned.

      im with fahey on this, it's just gonna be too scary to play as anything but the alienz

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