Alleged Palin-Autographed 360 Back On eBay

Alleged Palin-Autographed 360 Back On eBay

The PayPal, you see, she could not handle a payment of $US1.1 million. That’s why this Xbox 360 said to be autographed by Bayonetta Alaska’s ex-governor was pulled from eBay. Not because eBay items at this price are usually b.s.

Seller David Morrill is hell-bent on getting his seven-figures for this Palin-autographed piece of hardware. After it was taken down in August, everyone said fake-fake-fakety-fake. Morrill, on the new listing, says it was taken down thanks to an "insufficient description of the item or no photos of the item", and then because "PayPal is unable to process a payment of this size". Which actually is good to know about PayPal.

So Morrill is back at it with a new payment processor. The console has been re-listed and is up for auction until Oct. 10, at a minimum bid of $US1.1 million, which is upland territory usually handled by Christie's or Sotheby's.

As we said in August, this might be expecting a little much. $US1.1 million would be a record for anything signed by a person still living at the time of its sale. Never mind this is the signature of a political one-hit wonder who just finished up a gruelling four months writing her memoir. Hell, I'm not even sure the advance on her memoir rises to the $US1.1 million mark.

The 360 has a grand total of zero bids on it as of now. Surprise. Good luck with it, Dave.

Sarah Palin Signed Autograph XBOX 360
[eBay via Game Politics ]


  • …who cares? If the damn thing was signed by Hitler you might pay that much… but Jesus Christ, Sarah Palin? If anything, her scribbling on a console would lower its value… 1.1 million seems so disproportionate, it’s not even something that you can laugh at, and say “oh internets, you crack me up”… it’s just… dumb.

  • This guy looks like a total douchebag. I can’t believe he actually thinks Palin could be president in 2012. He even calls it ‘the infamous xbox 360’. It’s only “news” because people can’t believe how much of an idiot this guy is!

  • If I were Sarah Palin I’d go out and buy 10 Xboxes and sign them all.. then sell them on ebay at cost just to piss this dickhead off..

    But thats just me..

  • Total publicity stunt – say what you want about those republicans but they’re not lacking for advertising funding.

    Seriously, can we drop this nonsense already? We’re only helping their damn viral PR campaign but even discussing this.

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