Amazing Mario Tanooki Suit Rug

It's times like these, I wish I could crochet instead of knit (and poorly at that).

Craftser user EnemyAirShip taught herself to knit a little while ago by watching YouTube videos. She started with granny squares and then orchestrated a the pixelated pattern that become the Mario rug, which now lives in her living room.

EnemyAirShip says:

I finished him in 15 days (approx. 120hrs put in)! It took 13 days to complete all the individual granny squares, then 2 days to sew them all together. I made an Excel spreadsheet with columns and formulas detailing the number of granny squares needed for each colour, then used this to track my daily progress (like a true geek, haha) and motivate me to keep out-doing myself.

And that right there is why I won't learn to crochet. Or even knit slightly better. I just don't have follow-through like that!

7x7ft Raccoon Mario Rug! [Craftster via BoingBoing]


    That's a Raccoon suit, not a Tanooki!!

      How the hell did he get that wrong? It even says Raccoon in the link to the source.

      AJ, did you ever play Super Mario Bros. 3?

    Lol, It's like principal Skinner when he gets caught in the school. "I bounced a ball as many times as I could, then tried to beat that record!" Well done though, looks pretty good, certaintly no Hobo rag

    Tanooki is Japanese for racoon you slimey basterds, argh.

      Nah, the Tanooki is a Japanese mythical creature with giant testicles.

    It would be cool if she could put the template up...I would love to make one myself

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