Analyst: The PlayStation 3 Could Dominate The Holidays

Industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that strong sales for the new PlayStation 3 Slim could give Sony their biggest holiday season yet, potentially outselling the 360 for the rest of the year.

September's NPD numbers drop next week, and more than one analyst is predicting that the PlayStation 3 will finally come out on top for the first time since its 2006 launch. Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter predicts that the PS3 sold 410K units in September compared to 390K for the Wii and 350K for the 360. Furthermore, he thinks the PS3 over 360 trend could continue until at least the end of the year.

"We believe that the recent round of price cuts may benefit the PS3 the most in coming months, given that unit sales last year were only 1.5 million for the September – December 2008 period. The Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 for the past 13 months, likely due to a higher perceived value proposition (the Xbox 360 "core" model was priced $US100 lower than the PS3). We think that the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 in September, and may continue to do so for the rest of the year,"

Pachter goes on to predict a 250GB version of the Xbox 360 in 2010 to help combat Sony's increase in market share, and a potential price cut for the Nintendo DS Lite to $US99 should the PSP and PSPgo start taking a larger percentage of the handheld market.

Of course Pachter predicts a lot of things. We'll see how accurate he is once the NPD numbers are published next week.

PS3 to Dominate as September Game Sales Expected to See Double Digit Growth [Industry Gamers]


    Christ - does anyone listen to this guy anymore? I don't think he has been right in the last 10 articles about him.

    Heck, my mum is even considering getting a PS3! If that happens, then there will be no stopping them!!

    Scary stuff...

    Watching the numbers, the PS3 fat price-cut and PS3 slim launch provided a huge boost to sales which has steadily declined.

    Xbox 360 also saw a significant increase in sales during this period, with the Wii declining to lowest sales. This is likely related to the 360 Pro model clearout and ODST launch.

    Xbox still has the cheapest arcade model which can't hurt sales, but I doubt the sanity of removing the AU$399 pro and replacing it with the AU$450 Elite.

    He isn't that good at his job is he? Predicting a 250GB Xbox 360. Oh cause that hasn't been confirmed or anything or seen pictures of the bundles for it.

    Unless he is referring to a permanent 250GB console, but still, that isn't half obvious. The Elite at first was a permanent SKU but a limited one. Then it turned into one they promoted and gave more exposure and now look at it.

    Oh and Nintendo could sell the DS for $20 and still make profit on that piece of plastic so i don't know why their afraid. I thought these companies cared more about the profit they make and not the numbers...

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