And The Best Japanese Game Company Photo Is...

...the one from Kojima Productions. As seen on KP Blog Cast.


    Ooo, epic.

    thats cool. Its like a TV promotional poster

    I wonder if there's a Japanese variation of the term 'tryhard'.

    Oh thats just brilliant, Looks like a cast shot for some Drama. "Previously, on Kojima's studio..."

    i bet kojima is the only gamer that has his own set of groupies.

    I think you all have it wrong. They've actually just formed a new 8 piece japanese-nordic symhonic metal band.


    That looks like a place right out of Mass Effect.

    Which one designed Snake's buttocks?

      thats exactly what i thought!
      Captain Jack would get 'em all killed!

    looks like the Heroes Promo poster.

    holy crap thats an epic pic .

    Lol... Hiros!

    Ahh, them crazy Japanese developers... Only a team with such universal respect as Kojima could get away with something like this. It's got the modern day equivalent tackyness of:

    The guy on the left is the cool gruff guy, you can tell because he is in a leather jacket and leaning in a devil may care fashion. The guy in the middle in the silver jacket is the smart one, you can tell because he has glasses and is longing for some female attention, which he'll be too shy to pursue.

    sweet jesus. these guys are so up themselves.

    HA, that would go great with the Sopranos theme song


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