And The First DirectX11 Game Is...

DirectX11 hits alongside Windows 7 later this month, and with it will usher in a new generation of pretty, oh so pretty PC games. Yet the first game to support DirectX11 won't be a shooter.

Instead, it's Battleforge, EA's card-trading strategy game. Not the most obvious choice, we know, but then, you gotta start somewhere.

A recent patch means the game now has "a higher frame rate and new ways of creating graphical effects, such as shadows and lighting", though with no DX11 cards on the market and Vista support not yet enabled, good luck trying to make that actually mean anything.

BattleForge becomes first DirectX11-enabled game [Big Download]


    "though with no DX11 cards on the market"

    Apart from the ATI 5870 which was released last week, and the 5850 which was released today...


    (Infact PC Case Gear are already sold out of the Saphire 5870, however the XFX and Powercolor flavours are still availible)


      Settle down sparky.

    Yeah, there ARE already DX11 cards released. Even in Australia.

    There's the 5870 and 5850 which not only support DirectX 11 but perform excellently.

    There were hardly any games using DirectX 10. Why so soon, Microsoft?

    And of course you will get more frame rates from more powerful graphic cards... duh..

    Hmm even the article this information was taken on states that there's two DX11 video cards out, unless they edited it since Luke referred to it...

    yeah, dx11 is not the big draw card for this game, (if you buy it just to see dx11 stuff you would be silly), im sure loading it up on a good dx10 (or even dx9) card wont see any visible differences.

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