Another Horrible, Horrible Drawing From That Pretty Lady

She's back. Voice actress Yu Kobayashi has returned — if anything, just to scare the crap outta us.

Last time we saw Yu, she tried her hand at doodling Polla, the character she voiced in Arc Rise Fantasia. Horrors ensued.

Now, she's drawing character Beatrice, the golden witch in doujin psychological thriller visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Kobayashi voices Kanon in the anime version.

Above is what Beatrice looks like — this is not the Yu Kobayashi drawing. Oh no.

That would be this. Here is Yu Kobayashi's take on Beatrice, complete with two demon breasts from the deepest depths of Hell.

【声優】小林ゆうさんが描いた「うみねこのなく頃に」 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]Pic]


    Dear god what an abomination. And are those meant to be sweat drops at the bottom right corner...?

    She's torturing these poor images and horrendously skewing their scale on purpose, right...?

      If not, I worry about what goes on in that head of hers.

    I reckon she's actually AWESOME at drawing - that's why she can make these pictures look so scarily horrendous. Cuz no one's bad enough to make drawings this bad and scary at the same time...right?

    haha golden

    The bleach does nothing. ( ゚д゚)

    Girls who draw shittily turn me on. Oh man.

    quick bukkake her shes begging for it

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