Are You Buying A PSPgo Today?

Are You Buying A PSPgo Today?

The PSPgo launches today in Australia, ushering in a bold download-only strategy for Sony’s handheld. I’m curious to hear if and why you’re picking it up.

I’ve been playing around with the PSPgo Sony kindly sent me earlier this week and my feelings on it are somewhat mixed. The most immediate plus is it does actually live up to its name: this PlayStation is genuinely portable; it fits in your pocket in a way neither the original PSP, the PSP Slim nor the PSP-3000 can. It’s considerably smaller and lighter than a DS Lite or DSi, too. I can carry a PSPgo and my phone in the same pocket, something I wouldn’t have even bothered trying with the older models.

I was surprised by how comfortable the smaller design feels when in use. If anything, it’s even more comfortable than the Slim, perhaps because it’s nowhere near as heavy. My hands didn’t feel cramped and even the tweaked positioning of the analogue stick required only minimal adjustment before my thumb rested in a natural state.

Slightly spoiling all this is the slight “rattle” it makes when you move the system around or press heavily on the buttons. This is due to the fact the sliding screen means the unit is essentially in two connected sections, and they bump together at times. I found it a little disconcerting.

In theory, the download-only model appeals to me. For one, I simply don’t have that many PSP games, so I’m personally not too fussed about not being able to play my old UMD games on the PSPgo. For the new user, of course, this is a total non-issue.

And generally speaking, it’s more convenient to not have to carry around those silly UMDs and simply have all your games permanently stored on-board. Of course, with a memory stick of appropriate size, you can do this with the existing PSPs, too. (But do you actually carry it around? I never did.)

But ultimately, my reservations about the PSPgo are almost entirely centred on the price. It’s far too high for what is basically the same hardware in a smaller, more pocket-friendly shape. The PS3 “Phat” became the PS3 Slim and shed $200 off its price tag. Now the PSP shrinks and suddenly it’s $170 more expensive. It’s ridiculous.

Sure, some retailers, such as Big W’s $398 deal, are currently offering the PSPgo for less than RRP, but it’s still vastly overpriced. Personaly, I quite like it as a piece of hardware – size is important – but unless money is seriously no object whatsoever, I couldn’t possibly recommend buying one.

Let me know if you are getting a PSPgo today and why you decided to take the plunge. Also, if you’ve spotted any good launch day deals, pass them on to the Kotaku community in the comments below.


  • My birthday is in 13 days and my friends have all put in towards a pre-order at Big W for the PSP go. I’m not sure how much they are putting in, but whatever is left I’ll have to pay (they’re not millionaires).

    However, if they weren’t paying for some of it, I wouldn’t bother buying it at all. It is way too expensive for what it is.

  • Might, trying to convice myself on how I’ll do it…

    Working backwards you can MAKE IT SEEM like a better deal than it actually is…

    Big W – $398

    Register for GT PSP before Oct 10th, $60RRP
    Console is effectively $338

    3 Game Vouchers for ‘upgrading’ from an old, one can assume that you would only need to borrow a old PSP for this to work…

    3 x $20 (bare minimum RRP if you choose older games), another $60…
    Console is effectively $278…

    around about the same cost of the current PSP’s… but obviously, you can’t play UMDs… :/

  • I am but certainly not for the $450 asking price

    Planning on trading in my DSlite since I never play the thing after getting my DSi while in Japan last year. So yeah i’m gonna trade my DSlite and some games for one, i like the size and look of it. If I weren’t trading in then the answer would defiantly have been no as the $450 is just way too high in asking price.

  • Until such time that we have unlimited broadband, the PSPGo is a complete waste of time in Australia

    $449 is RIDICULOUS as well. When it inevitably drops in 2 weeks (ala Xbox 1 launch failure) i might be interested.

    Note to sony. This is the first console ever (besides ngage) i am not interested in one iota. I am one person but i know many people in the same boat

    oh and thanks to Microsofts poor QA i just had to buy a new Xbox thanks to not red ringing but getting no picture 🙁

    • you know you can force them to red ring… you just gotta make it overheat (wrap it in a towel or something), and bam! red ring!

      my old housemate did it on my advice. his disc drive stopped working but it was out of warranty, so he did the towel thing, and it instantly red-ringed, and they fixed it!

  • I think downloading games is great, cheaper, don’t have to go to the store, easier for developers (sure there are downsides too). BUT Australia just doesn’t have good enough internet for systems this generation to be dlc only. This is because of the download limit, speed is okay but most people just won’t be able to download the games they want, whenever they want, which defeats the purpose of it.

    When are we ever going to get unlimited bandwidth for the average users or at least eradication of any plan below 10GB.

    • This is the same reason i think psp go wont work in Australia even if they lower the price. Ok so right now you must be crazy to spend 450 on it, its just not worth it, no matter how you look at it 450 is just too much. But i think even if they cut the price in half (something they should consider) lets say the psp go was 250, i STILL think it wont sell because Australia has shocking download limits.

      Its no secret that the psp go wants you to download ALL media not just games, But seeing as i’m on a crappy plan, i cant justify using the space on TV shows and movies or podcasts/radio. and i think a lot of people have the same concerns i do.

    • Finally! oggob is spot on. In relation to Dan Aubin and all those other winging gamers,
      about download limits is just rubbish. You can get adsl2+ 50gb for $50-$80 and whilst that may
      seem expensive, in Australia we are always paying more whether its for games, computers or cars.
      So why the big stink about d/l limit. If your seriously considering buying 10+ games a month then you must have enough money to upgrade you plan by $20 or whatever, if you still live at home with your parents on their tiny 10gb plan then the psp 3000 is for you, or if you just prefer hard copies.It’s as David said, the only thing in this day an age that the psp-go doesn’t have going for it is the price and if your an existing umd 5 or more games holder that it becomes unfeasible. I’m not a Sony fanboy nor do i own a sony console and if steam can be so successful in Aus whereby ppl are downloading
      4-8gb games then obviously its not the issue of download limit. Core gamers who buy a lot of games and play a lot online have a serious internet connection. I bet that once the price goes down the psp-go will take off in western territories. And before i get the whole ” Errr this iz a section for our opinions” garbage, just know there is a difference between an opinion and a whinge.

      • I’m guessing you don’t live anywhere even remotely rural. ADSL2+ is cheap and well within the budget of most people but the simple fact is that its impossible to get if your area isnt covered and that area is fucking HUGE.

        In Wagga if you’re more than 2KM away from the exchange, you’re stuffed. I know a guy living 4KM away from the exchange and he can only get grossly overpriced 8Mbit ADSL1 with a very shitty data allowance and I know another guy who is literally on the wrong side of the street to get it, the guy across the road has adsl2+, he can only get adsl1, just the way the cables run.

        If we’re lucky the NBN will fix all that but thats a while off so complaints about bandwidth and download limits are quite valid for the moment.

      • Hmm first off not sure why i cant reply so i’ll just reply to my own. Ok Aliasalpha point taken, but your missing my point. The nature of my comment is that the very success of the psp go in AUS is not restricted by AUS internet. Obviously the majority is not rural and therefore cannot impact on the success of the PSP go! Therefore the PSP-3000 is the way to “go” if your rural, have low internet limit or prefer hard copy. Sony is still selling umd games so there shouldnt be an issue. It’s the price like how i said in the above post.

      • Im not in a rural area, I cannot get ADSL2.
        Your logic is flawed.

        You’re essentially saying the pspGO is only for people in capital cities.

  • My PSP 1000 is my go to handheld system and still has great battery life etc plus I only carry the games I am interested at the time (3 or 4) plus an 8 Gb stick with some more on it.

    PSP Go offers me absolutely no incentive to upgrade – in fact the price completely deters me from doing so. $50 cheaper than a PS3! Bugger off!

    A big stumble for Sony I’m afraid.

  • I’ve always been interested in getting a PSP, but have never liked the look/feel of the older models. The GO, mostly, ticks all the boxes. This is what I’m after.

    But the price. It’s absurd…I’d prefer to spend the money and get a PS3 Slim and game for $50 more first.

  • Suprisingly enough I decided to upgrade all my systems lately. I got the ps3 slim and sold off my phat (Im really loving the slim), im selling my pro 20g for an elite 360. I got a black DSI to take over my white ds lite and im getting a psp 3000 over my psp 1000. Im seriously tempted by the psp go but only really because its ‘new hardware’. also not having as many games lying around is a plus but i already have like 10 psp games! what would i do!? not only that the price is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! I personally hope it ‘fails’ and they learn theyre damn lesson! Im currently on 40GB on peak 40GB off peak ADSL 2 so im cool for downloads though.

  • I really like the GO, I really do, and i have been toying with the idea of getting a PSP for a while and when I saw this I was going to cave in….

    But the price! I may end up picking up a 3000… but now i am torn. If anything, Sony have actually prolonged my buying of a PSP because now i am unsure which to get, and so i am going to wait to see what happens.

    Dont think I am one of those whining “to expensive” people… i bought day one of the PS3 and have enjoyed it, but this is only $50 less than a PS3! Something seems wrong there…

  • Yeah I’m getting one from big w. I have a psp 2000 but not many games so the loss of umds doesn’t bother me. The price is hefty but my birthday is next week and my parents and fionce have chipped in for a fair bit of it so I am lucky in that regard.

    I love the idea of digital only, no silly umds to carry around is great. The psp go is truly portable.

    As for people complaining about broadband maybe u need a new plan? I have 55gb a month (25 peak 30gb off) with tpg for only $50 and thankfully I am in an adsl 2 area so downloading a gig or 2 for a game isn’t that much of a hit to my bandwidth.

    Personally I can’t wait to pick up my psp go. Here’s hoping big w have them in stock still when I finish work today.

    • A lot of people are forgetting that whilst you may have an awesome 40-50GB plan, it isn’t a simple matter of upgrading for most of the country. I live maybe 20km further from the city than my friend in Narre Warren, who pay like $60 for some crazy 40GB onpeak and 120GB off ADSL2+ plan, however, the only companies that service us are really Optus and Telstra, who give us crappy plans like now we are paying $70 for 12GB at 1.5mbps. Think before you generalize people.

      • With regards to internet plans, yes I was generalising and I was really referring to city folk. I know it would suck being in remote areas that can’t get good connections, but most of Australia’s population is on the coastline in city areas.

        As for people comparing the price of the PSP GO to a PS3 that is pointless. They are 2 completely different systems offering completely different experiences. If you have $500 and no home console then I would agree that buying a PS3 is better. However, if you already have the home console or your someone who wants to game on the go, then the PSP GO is a better option.

        $450 (or $398 at Big W if your quick) is expensive for the general consumer, but this model is not aimed towards that person. If you are the general consumer, the PSP 3000 is your best option. And that is the point of the 2 models…options! If your wanting to save cash, go the PSP 300…if you want a digital only, bluetooth capable, sleek stylish, truly portable system then you would buy the PSP GO.

        Also, if you look at Sony’s track record they always introduce systems at an extremely high price point. PS1 first retailed for about $700, the PS2 up there and the PS3 was $999! At these prices only the early adopters jump on board. The PSP GO will see a price drop in the future, and at that time the fence sitters and less hardcore will pick one up. I just hope it makes it that far, there is too much unwarranted negative press surrounding this model.

        Why can Nintendo release 3 versions of the same system with minor upgrades and get away with it? The DSi (which I have) only has minor upgrades and additions for its extra $100 but again its another option for consumers.

        /end rant

  • Certainly not, and certainly not in the near future. It’s just too expensive and doesn’t offere enough to warrant the upgrade from my new (thanks kotaku) psp3000.

    Plus as everything says, download only is almost useless here

  • First up, Broadband within the country needs to be improved, I agree…

    Though what I would find interesting is what Broadband plans are people on now? What is the consumer average plan? at least 10GB would at least be a fair assumption, maybe abit more…

    Personally, I’m on 50GB per month, now I play online games, download games, patches, demos from PSN and Live and generally don’t get anywhere near the 50GB, the only reason why we get this plan is it actually is the most cost effective for our area for our average monthly usage…

    Maybe there are alot of people on 10GB plans or so, but how often is everyone going to be hammering the PSN Store to download games? The max size for a PSP game is supposed to be 1.8GB, but nothing has come close to that.

    I believe that GT PSP weighs in at ~800MB. So is everyone going to be buying 4-5 games per month to make a significant dent into their downloads?

    Or with gaming now moving more and more online, is the downloading of legitimate products cut into everyones Torrents?

  • I’ve got too many existing PSP games to bother with this – and yeah I don’t exactly play them all currently… but still, to remove the option to play them at all? Silly sony…

  • I will be buying one myself, for two reasons.

    One, my PSP2000 was stolen from work just last week and in it was the only UMD i owned.

    And two, i got to play with it at my work yesterday, and its very attractive. I liked the feel and the digital distribution system works very well for me. Having UMDs around for the games i play is a pain, i had my PSP cracked but less because i was being cheap and more because i couldn’t justify the cost of some of the games and didn’t want to heave them around.

    Now with titles like gran turismo, motorstorm, monster hunter unite & upcoming stuff like MGS peace walker, im happy to fork out a price i pay for its PS3’s big brothers because they deliver the same amount of content.

  • While the close price point to the PS3 does make the PSP go price look silly. You have to admit that if you go into an EB and buy a PSP 3000 + a 16gb Pro Duo it actually costs more than getting a PSP go. So maybe this more hints that the entire PSP line should be lower priced than pointing the finger at the GO specifically.

  • PSP No Go for me… Don’t even have the bandwidth to even bother with the entire unit….
    Nor the money to bother since I prefer renting stuff… O no… you can’t do that either… I wonder how many more places would show their anger towards Sony

  • I honestly don’t understand this Australian internet not being good enough argument. Plenty of people in AU (myself included) make use of services like steam already, and as I understand PSP games are generally a lot smaller then PC ones (only a gig or so I think, correct me if I’m wrong)

    Honestly how many games are you planning on downloading in a month?

    • its not an issue for me either. i got the bigpond unlimited, but it caps my net speed after 60gig a month. I never get anywhere near 60gb a month.

      • i agree with Lorrie. Unless you had no other choice to be with Bigpond it is quite foolish. Im with Adam 40GB+40GB ADSL2 $70. Only because I got sick of going over/getting capped on my 20GB+20GB at $50. I usually download and try everything before I buy and if I think its a good product I buy the retail version. (only music, tv shows, movies) i dont pirate games. Lets face it… to get past shoddyness in equivelant to say…’Turning Point: Fall of Liberty’ you have to these days. I saw a guy in Big W go in and buy Prototype (thumbs up) and XMen: Wolverine today. I felt like begging him not to waste his $70 and get batman instead but I didnt want to look wierd.

  • So with the launch does that mean a sudden explosion of downloadable games on the PSN store? Shall have to fire up the PS3 and have a squiz.

    I was interested in the Go but then I saw the price and was thoroughly dissuaded. It gave me time to find a sweet deal on a used PSP3000 on ebay, perfectly good and only $120 which is a LOT closer to my price range

    • I can’t see anything new at all, can anyone see these alleged 220+ games that were supposed to be available? They’re not Go exclusive surely

      • Sony AU is still bound to Europe, so therefore, our store will only be updated when Europe is ready…

        I’ve heard that some of the registration features will be available around about 4pm AEST, however that might not be the whole update, if it comes through at all…

        Otherwise we will have to wait for the actual store update, which as normal will be late tonight or in the early hours of Friday morning!

  • For the last two weeks I’ve been playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva on my PSP2000 every day, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Can I play it on a PSPgo? Well, I can’t play my current copy, and who knows about a digital copy- it’s a Japan-released game, so I probably wouldn’t be able to buy it without messing around trying to get a Japanese PSN card or something.

    Most of the games I’ve recently played on PSP have all been Japanese-only (Gundam battle universe, initial D special stage, taiko no tatsujin 2, the [email protected], moejong), and if I owned a PSPgo I could not play these games. So no, I don’t plan on upgrading.

  • The money I’d set aside for a Go has unfortunately had to be used to replace my broken PS3. So maybe when the price drops or they announce a way to transfer UMDs.

  • People seem to forget that the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 can also use the digital service. You can buy a 16Gb memory stick for about $50 from – plus it means you have the UMD drive as backup if you find a game cheaper on UMD… which you most likely will.

    Has the back catalogue even hit the store yet? I looked on the PS Store on my PSP this morning and nothing was up. Nothing will be up till tomorrow when the Euro Store gets updated. Why do Sony want us to fork out $450 for a console when we don’t know how much games will cost on the store, how much the Minis will be and even how much of the back catalogue will be available. All the press points to the US PS Store but we all know the Euro PS Store gets screwed over by Sony – Metal Gear and Silent Hill PSOne classics anyone?

  • too expensive. I want one. I wanna upgrade from my PSP-1000. I like the digital distribution idea, and only got 3 UMD games anyway, and its not as if i’ll throw my 1000 out either. But yeah, costs way too much. If i was going to spend that much I’d rather drop and extra 50 dollars and get the PS3 slim, even though my fat works fine.

  • I’ve just thought of something that I haven’t seen addressed… are they going to continue to release UMD games? For how long? Will MGS Peace Walker be available on UMD, for example?

    • Theoretically, Sony have always said that the 3000 Models are going to be supported alongside the PSP Go… Thus UMD will still be around.

      For how long this lasts? Who knows… However, this is them talking for themselves, so 3rd Party developers/publishers would be able to make up their own mind…

      Maybe after 12 months, for those with the 3000 and below are likely to be in the same boat as the Go owners, games will be able to be purchased via the Store by Credit Card, or PSN Card (which should be hitting stores this week or next, $30 & $50 values)…

      or we will be buying Game Download Codes, theoretically with Box, Manual and code only… so retailers don’t get too shitty…

  • I have to say, the Go feels really good in my tiny girl-hands.
    If the price wasn’t so high I would totally grab it just because it feels better than my current PSP 🙂

  • LOL – i bought an original PSP at launch and haven’t touched it 2 months after launch onwards. I only have 4 games for it and i simply don’t use it. My DS on the other hand gets played craploads more.

  • I’m an import gamer, and given that PSN is effectively region-locked in that you can’t buy things through any region’s store except your own, I’m effectively prevented from buying the games I want. And it’s not like old-style hardware region lockouts, where your last-resort work around was to simply buy a foreign system. With digital distribution, I could have a Japanese PSP Go but if I’m in Australia then I can’t register a Japanese PSN account and if I did I couldn’t attach my Australian payment info to it.

    Plus I’m a bit of a games collector and I really like having physical copies of the things I’ve paid for.

    • And thus i think you have stumbled upon Sonys ulterior motive

      Just like Nintendos with DSI lockouts

      I get the feeling the ACCC will have something to say about the DSI lockout. It is illegal in Australia now to have a mechanism in a electronic product which stops people importing software.

  • I went and bought one……..yep there i did it.
    am i happy?
    Was it worth it?
    Probably not.
    Do i care?
    Eh it feels nice and looks great…….
    Buying tips?
    Go and trade some games in or the old unit at eb for cash……then get a go.
    I managed to get mine for 198 AUD……can’t argue with that.

  • YES SIR! Loved my original PSP since day one… Have been waiting for a more portable version ever since… Upgraded every year… iPod touch is overrated… SOOO bored with mine… Good bye ipod, Hellooooo PSP Go! I will also be holding on to my PSP-3000… Just because…

  • I’m getting one, unfortauntely from Dick Smith for $428 + shipping. Wish i’d seen the Big W price before i’d ordered, but Dick Smith have shipped it now so I can’t cancel.

    I don’t have a PSP (my 2000 was stolen over a year ago), so i’m approaching it as a newbie. The small size, portability and downloadable games (no UMDs!) is enough for me. Yes, I may be a sucker for paying the early adopter fee, but i’m not too bothered I guess.

    As for not being able to trade games in, that’s the way the industry is going and it’s something i’m going to get used to.

    • Meant to say – wish i’d bought it in a shop! Nothing worse than ordering online and then having to wait for the postal service to deliver it. Doesn’t look like it’s coming today 🙁

  • Yep, got it. Thanks Sony 😉 Updating as I type. Then I will get Gran Turismo and bonus car, then register UMD in PSP OG to claim my other 3.

    My issue with Australian ISPs is prohibitive costs for relatively small data packages, at relatively slow speeds compared to elsewhere in world. If Sony and Xbox are rolling out high def movie downloads, they need to bring service providers into line because as it stands I pay $80 for 25GB/mth ADSL with Telstra, which as you know is same capacity as ONE BluRay disc. Even 60GB plan is not much if you plan to stream/DL high def content regularly.

  • Got my PSP2000 plus the Simpsons game from KMart (apparently people weren’t a fan of yellow PSPs) for $199. Bought a 16gb duo for $69 off eBay.

    Let’s do the maths shall we:

    PSP + game + memory stick with same capacity as PSPgo hard drive = $268

    So why would I lay down $450 so I that I can’t use the game and memory stick I have previously purchased? No reason, won’t happen.

  • PSP Go
    -Smaller form factor.
    -Bluetooth tethering
    -No need to carry UMDs

    -Larger screen
    -Longer battery life
    -Ability to play your existing library
    -Cheaper games with retail competition vs Digital ‘price parity’,
    -Can do everything the PSP Go can, and digital storage becoming cheaper every day.
    -Not dependant on Sony’s online service/Australian ISP
    -$150 cheaper

    I think the cons far outweigh the benefits of the PSPGo for me right now. I’m stunned that Sony priced the thing at only $50 less than a PS3 slim. Since digital storage is so cheap to produce, and the device is smaller with less moving parts, it must cost them a lot less to manufacture, but a $150 markup is obscene. It will have to approach $250 for me to consider ‘upgrading’

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