Assassin's Creed 2 Combat Is Just Plain Brutal

In the latest developer diary video for Assassin's Creed II, Patrice and friends walk us through the game's dynamic and painful-looking combat system.

The developers here touch on one of my biggest gaming pet peeves in the video — enemies that don't react to being hit. If I hit someone with an axe, they are going to stagger, get wounded and possibly die. At least I am assuming this, as I've yet to test that. I can't stand games where you swinging away at the enemy and they don't react until they suddenly fall down dead. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to feel like I am actually beating someone to death.

OK, that might have come out wrong.


    Can't wait for this game, pre-ordered it.
    The combat should surely exceed Assassin's Creed hopefully.

    Assassin's 1 did a very similar thing in terms of Enemy AI reacting during combat...

    I think after watching this, it has reached the top of my list! It was in the top 5 but this has just made me even more eager for it.

    Firstly, HIDDEN BLADES an ACTUAL weapon. Thank you jesus! Or, Leonardo? Stealing weapons during combat, using them! WOO HOO!

    One problem - you may have a problem with the AI responding when getting beaten up. I have a problem that no one really acts that normally when witnessing a massive brutal fight. You notice bystanders just standing there watching. HOWEVER - if you notice when they're talking about stealing weapons... look for the fight at night JUST after when he steals that persons spear - theres some random dude next to you who's watching and then when you lunge forward he flinches. I lol'd.

    My god, my hype for this game just heightened to pre-Halo 3 levels.

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