Assassin’s Creed II: More Than 80,000 Spoken Lines


So the British Board of Film Classification recently revealed that Assassin’s Creed II will feature more than three hours of cut scene footage. These aren’t the silent film days, of course, so they’ll need a lot of dialogue.

On Friday, Azaïzia Aymar, the Ubisoft community developer for Assassin’s Creed II, tweeted this fun fact: “AC2 will feature 7 spoken languages for a total of 87,206 lines of recorded voice dialogue.”

Of course, driving up the total is the game’s multilingual support, but even at one-seventh of the total, that’s still more than 12,000 lines per version. Impressive, but sounds like a spit in the ocean next to The Old Republic’s script, said to be the equivalent of 40 novels.

87,206 Lines of Dialogue in Assassin’s Creed 2 [Hot Blooded Gaming]


  • I think there is something fundamentally wrong if they require 3hrs of cut scenes rather than using gameplay to convey the storyline.

    I enjoyed the story so far in AC1, but it’s a game, not a movie. The cutscenes, dialogue and voice acting aren’t exactly cinema quality.
    If I wanted to watch a movie, I’d go to the cinema, When I want to interact with a story I play games.

    I’m thinking of a well known dev quote about not taking control from the player… well guess what cutscenes do. Short ones occasionally can be good, they provide a breather. But when a cutscene runs long and the player starts looking forward to it ending so they can go back to playing the game, there is something wrong.

    AC2 better have a hell of a lot of hours of gameplay (outside of tedious/repetitive tasks such as flag hunting…) to justify so many cutscenes.

    /end blind rant.

  • i just watched assassins creed lineage Ep 1 and it was actually pretty well done kinda want the game right now actually because of it

  • Far out. One of the biggest problems with the first game was the amount of dry, endless, cliched, un-skippable cut-scenes.

    News flash – games aren’t novels or movies! You can’t tell a story in the same way, and just break it up with gameplay! I can’t stand it when developers hire scriptwriters / novel writers to write their games.

    Here’s a thought – take a lesson from Valve, and tell the story with the PLAYER, not through cutscenes!

  • Yeah that was one of my major issues with Assassin’s 1 (even though i really loved the game) – was the un-skippable cutscenes. Especially if you’re playing it a second time.

    Hopefully they fix that in #2. But i didn’t find the dialogue to terrible. Some accents were weak but still better than alot of other games.

    Playing Bully is just terrible. Its a fun game but boy does the dialogue drive you insane.

  • I played it once and I hate it, because it didn’t come with a subtitle! By the way I am deaf. What’s worst is I can’t even skip cutscenes, which makes me sleepy! It is annoying!

    Most games support in subtitles. But why that game doesn’t? Gosh I hope Assassin’s Creed 2 will have a subtitle, won’t it?

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