Atari To Release Project Runway Game, Make It Work

Atari To Release Project Runway Game, Make It Work

Fashionable reality show Project Runway will be fitted for a video game release next spring, courtesy of publisher Atari, with the first licensed title planned for a Wii release.

Variety reports today that the Project Runway game will likely feature the likenesses and “involvement” of co-hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. In addition to fulfilling our dream of a low-polygon count Klum barking at us in a video game, the Wii version is reported to feature Wii Remote and Balance Board support, the latter for walking one’s chosen model down the runway.

‘Runway’ poised for videogame makeover [Variety]


    • Sounds like fun: you walk down the catwalk and the paparazzi throws sandviches at you. You have to waggle out a quicktime to avoid the sandviches while keeping up a walking rhythm on the balance board.

      If a sandvich hits your mouth you turn into heavy-weapons and get fired.

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