Atlus: Yes, We're Making More Copies Of Demon's Souls

Having a hard time finding a copy of Demon's Souls, now that the game has shipped to retail and positive word of mouth is helping the innovative PS3 game find an audience? Don't worry, says Atlus. They're working on it.

The Atlus elves are said to be slaving away in the Blu-ray disc workshop, issuing more Demon's Souls to good little video game retailers as of this week. What won't be coming this week (or ever!) is the limited edition of the game and its accompanying strategy guide, a pre-order exclusive that looks like it may remain that way. Atlus says it's out of print, never to return from the printing Nexus.

Finally, a word about our own Demon's Souls review, since you've been asking. Yes, we have a copy. No, we're not done yet. Have you heard that Demon's Souls is soul-crushingly hard? And that Kotaku reviews strive to complete games before they're run? There's your answer.

It's coming. Just as soon as we muster up the gaming wherewithal to finish the damned thing. Your opinions are, of course, welcome in the comments.

Kotaku AU Note: Hey Atlus, while you're making more copies, maybe make some for Australia too!


    still duno if i want this or not

    i'm really tempted to go upto Dungeon Crawl in the CBD and buy the US version

    I would really love to play this, exept my time is constantly being consumed by uni to the point where i would rather wind down with some light single player action such as lost planet or ratchet and clank.

    Is it anything like Altus' SMT or Persona series? I like those games.

    P.S. Kudos for trying to complete games before you review them!

      I imported the Asian version about two weeks ago, yeah I'm a bit late to the party and all. But it's a friggin amazing game, I'm not joking when I say it's one of the best games I've ever played. (been gaming since Atari2600)

      It really reignites that old-school magic I used to feel back in the day. First game this generation to do that.

      Atlus makes a tonne of sweet games!

        Actually, From Software developed it. SCEJ published it in Japan and the rest of Asia, and Atlus USA picked up the publishing rights for North America. Which is why it's not out here: Atlus doesn't have a PAL publishing arm :'(

        That said, yeah Atlus make killer games :D

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