AU Diary: Comfort Gaming

Feeling terrible today. I've spent the day at home valiantly trying—but mostly failing—to do some work. Now all I want to do this evening is snuggle up in something warm and play a game.

For me, the ideal comfort game is one that isn't terribly fast-paced (so no racing games or shooters), won't tax the brain too heavily (sorry puzzle games) and doesn't require me to learn anything new (so we're talking a traditional genre piece here). I picked up Level 5's PS2 RPG Rogue Galaxy on a weekend trip to Melbourne, so I'm thinking it should do the trick nicely.

What do you look for in a comfort game?

Oh, and for those who submitted a question yesterday for Tekken 6 director Katsuhiro Harada and are now fretting I was unable to do the interview, you can relax. My colleague Elly printed out your queries and attended in my place. We'll have those answers for you soon.


    I got rogue galaxy in similar circumstances earlier this year. Not all that i had hoped for though =(, it now sits on a shelf gathering dust. I guess i can't always go back to the ps2 graphics, or maybe it was the pace of the game. A comfort game for me has to be an adventure/rpg'er, kind of like curling up with a good book except ofcoure..its a game, even better!

    For me throwing on say NBA, Madden or Forza (basically sports games) and then playing music while playing the games is my way to relax.

    Rogue Galaxy looks and plays great, pity the story is really bad.

    Funnily enough something like Killzone 2, Cod 4 or lately Uncharted 2 is my comfort gaming. I just get sucked into the competitiveness of the multiplayer and just loose myself in the game.

    Kingdom for keflings, it's just grind.

    A comfort game to me is something that is nice and relaxing and really sucks you into the game world. At the moment, the game I love to play when it's rainy and i feel like chilling out is The Witcher. its an amazing game and slow paced so really good for days like these =)

    For me, anything I can tune out too.

    I like something with either some free-roaming mindless fun (GTA:Vice City, Prototype, Burnout: Paradise) or mindless shooting/driving (CoD:4, Team Fortress 2, HAWX, Need For Speed).

    Don't really have a comfort game. On the subject of Rogue Galaxy though, fairly good game. Fell into the pile of games I've never finished not because I didn't like it but for some more unknown reasons.

    I find NiGHTS to be a pretty good comfort game. Sure it can be finished in an hour, but damn it's a good hour.

    A comfort game to me is sitting in a comfortable chair/lying in bed, wrapped in a blanket, with snacks sitting next to me.. with my Nintendo DS playing a nice, slow-ish paced RPG, like Nostalgia.

    Audio Surf + your choice of relaxing music that you usually enjoy.

    You can't get any more relaxing than this. What is my prize?

    Why not just watch TV?
    Or is that not an option?

    That or TF2 :D

      TV? Absolute madness.

    When I'm really dead I just watch videos of other people playing games... and complaining about them.


    Usually I just put on a mindless film but if I had to stretch for a game...well I am playing Yakuza at the moment (for the first time) and I'd could probably see myself in playing it as a comfort game.

    You big bunch of rude bastards, no one gave him love...
    *puts on nurses outfit*
    Hows that temperature David? Have you been keeping up your fluids?? I'll fix you a nice warm chicken soup while you get your game on (connect 4 is my vote...), you just stay snuggled up there while I grab you an extra pillow. I've phoned the doctor (Dr. Chuloopa) and he will be in to see you in the morning. Get well soon you sweet sweet man.

    Maybe you are just feeling the stress of trying to grow that perfect stash for movember cause its been stressing me something chronic too (mines always patchy).

    *removes nurses uniform, resists a little wink*

      Dunno why, but when you say "nurse" I'm picturing this.

        AhAHAhaahha scarily, that is almost 100% accurate, only that I'm a guy......

        (I feel better after a good vomit, which I'm sure you'll discover shortly)

    Play Assasin's Creed (again).

    Or watch the Spoony Experiment and watch him play other games.

    I'm inclined towards something like an open-world game, like Fable II, GTA IV or Fallout 3. You can just cruise around and do little things here and there, take in the scenery, NPCs and atmosphere. I can't even remember how many times I'd just grab a sweet ride in GTA IV and just dick around.

    The answer there is really just 'Kingdom Hearts.' Something that requires very little thought, just bonking monsters with my giant key till they die, and the occasional pretty cutscene. And Disney characters! It's a nice game to play while curled up in a blanket.

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