AU Diary: I Bought That PS3

I mentioned last week that I was tempted to pick up the new 250GB model PS3 Slim. And yesterday I did precisely that.

Yes, I know I said I already have a PS3. But it's one that Sony provides to the media in order to play pre-release games. They might ask for it back one day! Also, it doesn't play nice with the PlayStation Network.

So I figured I should get my own. I wandered down to the local mall and did some price comparisons. (Amusingly, at one unnamed store, I asked one obviously clueless assistant whether the PSPgo had been selling. He told me he'd sold four himself. He then told me it was smaller than the old PSP, but I'd have to "go to Nintendo to download the games." It took all my self-control to maintain a straight face.)

In the end I went with the EB bundle offering Uncharted 2 and Call of Duty 4 for $596. I promptly traded in both games, paid $502.50 and walked out with my new console.

(I haven't plugged it in yet.)


    I rang EB the other day to double check they had copies of UC2 in as my online order hadn't arrived. The girl asked "for what console". *facepalm*

    I've got to get a Slim now, but I'll pass on the bundle I think.

      I get that a bit at my local EB when pre-ordering 360 exclusive games. Like... MS studio games >_>

      You can excuse them when its a pretty girl behind the counter because... she's pretty :P
      But when its a geeky looking dude that asks what console Forza is on.... -_-

        sexist pig

      since when did EB do online orders, do you mean GAME?

    You traded in Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2, two of the biggest games of the year for $93.50!?

      That's the original Call of Duty 4, which I already have on 360. I already had Uncharted 2 as well. Didn't need either so I took whatever cash I could!

    One of us! One of us! One of us!

    "Also, it doesn’t play nice with the PlayStation Network."

    So the Sony-provided PS3 doesn't work with the PSN? That's hilariously embarassing...

      Let me clarify: it works if you want to play online, but it was never meant to work with the Store and it's a pain to update the firmware (albeit for understandable security reasons).

      Facepalm at that comment.

    LBP co-op?

      You're going to find out just how annoying I can be when playing LBP...

    Uncharted shop...Nintendo wins

    Congrats. Welcome to the wonderful club of PS3 owners. Hope you enjoy your stay :D

    I'm on my second 360, and I've been eyeing off one of the slims too.

    Fanboyism aside, is it worth buying a PS3?

    I mean, I would like Uncharted 2... but when most games come out on both platforms anyway?

      Yeah, this is a tricky one. There really aren't that many exclusive games for either console to necessitate owning both. And multi-format games still tend to perform better on 360.

      The PS3 may have halved in price since launch, but if you already have a 360 it's still an expensive way to play a handful of games.

    David, what did you think of the finish on the PS3 Slim? this was a sore point with my friend, he bought the new PS3(not having had a PS3 before now) and was disppoined with the powder black finish compared to the shiny finish of the original PS3 the rest of us have.

    personally my impressions of the PS3 Slim were, i didnt care about the finish, but felt the new buttons were an improvement on the touch sensitive eject, on/off buttons of the original PS3. also even though it is "slimmer" at an eyeball it didnt seem "smaller" than the original.

      Personally, the Slim doesn't look as attractive as the Phat. But, honestly, once it's tucked away on the shelf under my TV, I could care less.

    in my experience, EB people are dumb as bricks, JB are cheap and GAME actually know about games. Of course it varies store-person to store-person. Its always better to actually talk to someone who cares about games

      Ha! I went to school with a girl who is now employed by Game and I know for a fact she would be left scratching her head if yo asked her to name a game NOT involving an Italian plumber.

        My funniest GAME story would be stood behind a store assistant telling a 30 odd yr old customer that the XBOX 360 was the only console which was HD ready out of the box and was clearly the most powerful system on the market etc! The customer actually asked about the ps3 and was promptly steered away! All I could think was fanboys shouldn't sell consoles! Maybe the separate HD kit upped his takehome pr something! :)

    Congrats on getting a PS3

    I've been looking into getting a PS3 Slim myself, but a friend told me the graphics card had been downgraded from the original models and additional performance issues.

    David, could you confirm/deny those reports by any chance?


      If you bought new clothes and your friend told you that you were now a woman with three breasts would you believe him...?

      Chances are, you would.. *sigh*

    be careful with the horrible motion sickness this game will give you, its just like resident evil 5.

    Haha, I went out and bought a PS3 just last week. :) I don't know whether it's just the rush of having a new console or what, but I haven't turned on my 360 since, and keep buying multiplatform games for the PS3 now.

    I never knew what I was missing with Uncharted; bought the first one the other day, chugging through it rapidly in anticipation of buying the second!

    Go Goose!!!

    Excuse me while I download some PSP games from the Nintendo store *world collapses in on itself*

    I hate the slim look.

    So glad we found a phat ps3 that the good guys wanted to offload. got it for $420 + ghostbusters, which we will trade in.

    Sorry if this sounds confused/narky...but isn't the console by itself $499 RRP? Does the eb package come with a HDMI cable or other additionals?

      The 120GB PS3 is $499 RRP. The 250GB PS3 is $599 RRP.

    I'm so gutted because I have the original 60gig ps3 with an upgraded 320gb hard drive... Get to chapter 4 on uncharted and "oh look grenades, they'll come in handy" CRASH! lol! Every time... Weird because I can still access the menu, have cleaned the disc and the ps3 is running cool... No marks on it at all... It's the special edition release and I'm about ten seconds from buying a ps3 slim just to play it! Yes, total fanboy here... I'd appreciate anyone having any ideas to stop me spending 350 quid on something that so far cost me 750 (old ps3 refurbished thanks to Gta4 debacle) :)

      That's really weird cause i have the even older 40 gig one and mine never crashes on uncharted o_O

      I know Uncharted had crashing issues with firmware 3.00, have you upgraded to 3.01? It's not a required update so you need to start it manually.

        Thanks for the replies guys... Yup always way ahead on firmware updates... Again with my fanboyism streak! 3.1 since day it went live.. There's speculation it could be swapped out harddrives so I might switch back to my old ps3 original and try that..

        Oh I should say as well I meant to say uncharted 2 was the one causing the provs! Not the original! Finished that before we even had trophy support annoyingly! :) Then had to start again.... :) Its 2 I'm crashing on... :)

    How fun!

    Have you plugged it in yet? Or are you staring at it?

    i went into a game store just browsing and asked if he had a pspgo around i could check out, he then replied with, yeah in a box somewhere but you dont want one, we have had so many people bring them back because they cant play UMDs, pointless owning one he said, i said i just want to check it out and the girl in the store piped up and said, no seriously, there not worth it, she was hot so i took her word for it but yeah what salesmanship! i had to go across the mall to check one out

      Ignorance is a crime for games retailers. I am loving my Go- have played it much more than the old PSP1000. Would have been good for Sony to sell PSN cards and have AV cable available at launch tho. Hopefully PSN will feature more discounts on digital over UMD games- Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is currently under $32 on PSN until 22 Oct and at least $59 instore- will have to get that plus the DLC.

        shit 22nd hey? i better get it 2 nite

      You, my friend, give geeks a bad name. You people need to learn how to talk to girls. You can still be a geek and not fall to pieces everytime a girl talks to you. Oh and FYI, technically there salesmanship was very good, you did exactly what they said you should do. LOL

    Hotdamn are you retarded? Which part of any of that including the millions of parts where I said about playing the game deserved the "is it switched on" line? Clearly you can't read or are just semi literate because at least you understood there may have been a ref to the ps3.. Guess numbers are more your forte then...

      you're an idiot. he was obviously referring to Mr Wildgoose's new ps3 slim.

        woops, it appears that I am the idiot. Apologies Craig

        Lol no worries Cat!Loved the sexist pig line earlier! :)

    Oops apologies just got the reference Hotdamn! Missed that part of the article above! :)

    Great system, although I still play most of my multi platform games on 360... don't know why. But I need all consoles, I mean how are you meant to choose between Gears, MGS & Mario??? Only thing I would watch with the slim is the Blu-Ray drive. My PS3 Slim's drive is dead already and apparently this is not uncommon? Anyway Sony warranty service doesn't seem TOO bad so far...

    The first Go! I got was rubbish - no UMD drive and really flimsy. The second one I got was a lot sturdier, but didn't have the little slide down piece. It did have a UMD slot at the back though.

    I don't get it.

    So considering you will have alot of review copies of games, what will you be buying for yourself to play on the PS3?

      I'll be spending my moneypoints on downloadable games. Shatter, Pixeljunk Shooter, Trine, and a bunch of others I've missed out on.

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