AU Diary: I Want You To Choose My Origin

I created my Dragon Age character two weeks ago using the character generator on the PC. However, when I received review code earlier today... I got the PS3 version.

So I want your help creating a new character.

I'm going to run it as a poll on my Twitter tomorrow, putting my choice of race, class, skills etc up to popular vote. The only thing you won't choose is gender; I always opt for a female character the first time I play an RPG.

Before the poll starts tomorrow though, I want to hear your suggestions for a character name. I'll pick the one I like the most.



    How about

    Valteria Wildfowl

    We can't choose a name until you choose a race, and even potentially class.

    Otherwise just call her Margaret.

      I'm open to all suggestions!

      What does class have to do with someones name?

      although if your name is

      Steally McStealalot

      You probably aren't gonna get a gig on the city watch.



    Winifred Burkle

    My default RPG name for a female character was one created from the random name gen in Bioware's KOTOR. Feel free to use it, though this game aint Star Wars.

    Padme Kast

    Davidia Wildgoose.
    I'm playing the flash game atm, can't believe I got hooked

    Call her: Pixeljunk Monsters, cause that game is sick!

    Calif Razin!

    I used it on SW: Battlefront... but it sounds medieval-y too. And it's cool, just like their governator.

    How about Chesty Le'Reoux or, failing that, Busty Sinclair?

    Fantastic post!
    This thread is the reasons people come to Kotaku. For quality journalism and great info!

    I have some chicken cooking... What salad dressing would accompany the plum sauce marinade on the chicken?

    : - )

    Mavis von Killington.

    or maybe Beryll Painmaker

    or Mary Bonefragmentor.

    I thought you could only change the First name of the character, not the second.

    Scarlett Redgrave

    Jizzlabia Poonslang

    Personally in RPGs if I have to come up with a name I put a lot of thought into it, and it only comes once I've chosen race, class, gender etc.

    obviously the only name you could chose for a female character of any race is Barry

    Violett Thunderhorn

    Jungle Vajiner

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