AU Diary: It's All RPGs Today

I've spent the afternoon at a Bioware/EA press event in Sydney, checking out Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins and having a chat with one of the good Bioware doctors.

Dr Greg demoed both games, devoting most of the hour to explaining the various interface features, before I was able to grab a little bit of hands-on time with the limited demo areas. Witnessing Dragon Age running on console was perhaps the most interesting aspect, given I knew pretty much what to expect from the Mass Effect sequel's fine-tuning.

But more on them later.

Also, before I head off to another press event—this time for a trio of Ubisoft games—I want to give away something. You might know that Bethesda has been handing out download codes for a premium theme to everyone who purchased all five Fallout 3 DLC episodes over Xbox Live (as long as they bought them prior to September 22). I did that and got a code earlier in the week. And then this morning I got another, totally different, code.

So, if you've got a 360, would like a Fallout 3 theme, and can work out how to follow my personal Twitter account, I'll be tweeting my spare code at some time in the next 24 hours. Hit me up with a reply if you're the one who successfully redeems it.

UPDATE: Fallout 3 theme code has been redeemed!


    Yeah, I got another, different code too.

      Care to post it to your Twitter too? :)

        Twitter? What is this you speak of? I might run my own competition....hehe.

    Does anyone else hate all first person rpg games like elder scrolls and fallout?

      No, it seems most people enjoy them.

        LOL'd big time.

      No, it's just you.

      Fallout 3 is all types of amazing.

      I only just read this commment.

      I'm no 'fanboy', but RYFKM?

      I actually enjoy them, but I don't like to think of them as RPG's at all, to me they are just are just FPS's with great game worlds, and horrible shooting mechanics.

      If my gameplay is going to be determined by chance and stats, then I don't want it to be under the illusion of having control.
      I love overhead rpgs, be they Baulders Gate, Fallout, NWN, Diablo or any of the like. I just don't think their mechanics are suited to first person view, where aiming is a skill in itself, and shouldn't be impeded by some artificial 'stats'.
      Fallout 3 (don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it, largely thanks to it's game world) had me debating which was worse, playing it as a FPS with horrid guns, or using VATS and knowing that only my choices in stats are controlling things, thus having it play more like the traditional overhead RPG's. I ended up going with the latter, but because VATS plays out in slo-mo every time, it was very tedious.

        Actually to be brief, I think the line between RPG and FPS has now been blurred. Especially after reading how the mechanics behind a game like TF2 (one of my favourite games) work.
        When does an FPS with an immersive game world stop being a FPS, and become a RPG? Is it when you have NPC's to converse with? Quests? Ability to modify your character?
        For example, when does your Crysis suit stop being a FPS mechanic, and become an RPG character skill choice?

    Same here, just got anyone too.

    Dave & fellow readers...

    Just some info - about a week ago Dave posted a BARGAIN article about Fallout 3: GOTY being $66 for Pre-Order on CDWOW.COM.AU

    Well i just got the money for it to pre-order and now its only $60. Don't know if its a one of thing for the day and then it goes back up, but i've just got it now for $60 with Free Delivery.

    Oh and you can pre-order Borderlands too for $65 (there is also a $95 one which states its the same so it must just be some error on their behalf). And i know Borderlands is going to be at least $80-$89 at stores unless you're at EB which will be $100.

    But that Fallout deal is even cheaper and you save even more than buying all content separately.

      just checked jay, dragonage on pc is $51 inc postage, borderlands $45 inc postage. FO3 GOTY is $47 inc postage. Its been a long while since i have paid more than $50 for a new pc game thanks to cdwow. (I preordered dragonage on a 10% day for $46) YAYE ME!

    PLEASE , please! Stop hyping up Dragon age, i Really want this game to be 1/2 as good as the hype.
    The closer it gets to release the more "livingworldomgbestrpgoftheyear" blah blah.
    Gets me worried its going to disapoint.
    Spiritual succesor of Baldurs gate was enough ffs!.

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